Training with the OnGuard

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The is a wonderful training tool that is popular not just because of its effectiveness, but because of its diversity. You can use it to train any behavior with a dog. In this video, we will watch Ryan go through the training process, using the OnGuard, to stop Logan from barking.

  1. When Logan starts barking, Ryan clearly tells him to stop. You want to do this once, firmly, without using the OnGuard. The idea is to get to the point of your dog stopping at just your command.
  2. If the dog does not stop, get up between him and what he's barking at. You need to have his attention on you, and can lightly tap him on the behind if he is not paying attention to you. It is important that you do not yell, as this will only raise the energy level. Show the dog the OnGuard when you have his attention.
  3. You need to take a firm stance in front of the dog and make sure to block his path if he tries to go around you. Keep the OnGuard facing the ground while double click to get the strobe function. Push the Ultrasonic sound while taking a giant step towards the dog.
  4. Continue to take steps towards the dog while repeating the steps from above, until the dog is calm. The idea here is to assert your dominance and tell the dog that you will handle whatever he is barking at.

Keep this up and you should start to curb your dog's unwanted behavior!

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