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Pet Remedy Calming Spray

This pet calming spray contains a blend of essential oils that works with the body to naturally help dogs, cats, rodents, horses, and other pets with stress or anxiety.

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Pet Stress Relief

A new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety.

When stressed, a dog can go into semi-shutdown mode where he or she is no longer listening or taking in what is going on. This can lead to reactive behavior such as barking, soiling, chewing, pacing, or aggression. Once calm, the dog comes out of this state and becomes more aware of surroundings, and becomes more receptive to you so that you can then work on confidence building and other training.

Pet Remedy will also help other mammals such as cats and rabbits, and even birds and reptiles, when they are stressed or anxious, by helping calm their nerves. This in turn will help them become more settled and aware of their surroundings.

Pet Remedy works alongside the brain's natural “messengers” called neurotransmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm (via GABA pathway  ) or get “fired up”. In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, which leads to the different signs of stress we see in our pets.

The special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is valerian-based and works alongside the natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed animals. Always consult your vet if your pet shows signs of stress, or you observe any behavioral changes.


A sleepy dog with a short, curly coat is resting on short, brown carpet.


All-Natural and Safe

Plant-based, pH-neutral, and alcohol-free.

Use Anywhere Your Pet Goes

Can be sprayed on yourself, your pet, their bedding, your clothes, or anywhere else in their environment.

Additional Features

Gentle for Everyone

Calm every pet in the house including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and even reptiles.

Works Quickly and Is Long-Lasting

Starts relaxing your pet immediately and lasts for several hours.

Where to Use It

Pet Remedy can help with anxiety and fear of fireworks, travel, separation anxiety (home alone), loss of a companion, a new home, a new pet in the house, change in routine, visit to vets, aggression, spraying, soiling, over grooming, as well as many other symptoms caused by stress.

Using this calming mist is extremely easy! Simply spray onto your pet's favorite bedding, their environment, or even your own clothing.Remember to always test a small area of cloth with any liquid to ensure no staining will occur.

Reduce separation anxiety when your dog is home alone.
Help grooming and vet visits go a little more smoothly.
Create a calming environment to introduce a new pet.

How It Works

Pet Remedy works with the pet's own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, reptiles, and birds. So when a pet becomes stressed or anxious, Pet Remedy's active ingrediants help trick hyper nerve cells into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm down and relax. This is why it starts to work instantly.

The formulation is mostly Valerian oil-based (from Eastern Europe), with small inclusions of Vetiver (from Indonesia), Sweet Basil, (from Europe), and Clary Sage (from France) essential oils. Many Valerian preparations are too potent and can sedate rather than calm. However, Pet Remedy is low-concentration and water-based, this allows it to be very gentle on the metabolism.

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Video: Learn More About Pet Remedy

This natural, calming remedy for dogs, cats, and other household pets can be sprayed on yourself, your pet, their coat, or around your pet's environment. Pet Remedy is especially useful for veterinarians, dog walkers, and groomers.


  • Will it help with separation anxiety and home alone syndrome?

    Absolutely! Use Pet Remedy in the room where your dog (or other pet) spends the most time when you are absent. Spray a little on bedding, a bandana, or even on your fingers. You can also spray it on a damp cloth and gently rub around the pet's muzzle, under chin, and top of chest.

    With separation anxiety, your dog (or other pet) can settle more easily if the nerves are calm rather than going into shut-down and reactive behavior mode (barking, pacing, chewing, soiling, etc.), which often happens when the pet is stressed and the nerves are fired up.

  • Will it help with travel?

    You would think a dog would be quite happy traveling alongside its owner, but this is not always the case! Stress in dogs (and other pets) when travelling is often caused by a constant, and rapid, change of scenery which they can find hard to cope with.

    The best way to use Pet Remedy in this situation is to use a little on the bedding in the vehicle. A couple of sprays is usually enough. You can also spray on a bandana or on your fingers and gently rub around the pet's muzzle, under chin, and top of chest. Will start to help within seconds!

  • Is Pet Remedy safe for all pets?

    Yes! Pet Remedy is safe for all mammals and birds including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, and horses.

  • How much of the calming spray do I use?

    You only need a couple of small sprays for effect.

  • How long will the spray's effects last?

    Depending on the individual pet, the effects can last anywhere from 2–6 hours.

  • Does Pet Remedy have a smell?

    Pet Remedy gives off a subtle and pleasant herbal aroma, which will be enjoyed by all household pets. The formulation comprises a unique blend of absolute and essential oils. Valerian has a distinctive earthy, and quite pungent, aroma. This derives from the acids in the oil (valerenol and isovalerianic acid) which we cannot neutralise without compromising the special calming properties. So instead, we work with this aroma and blend the Valerian absolute oil with Vetiver, Basil, and Clary Sage, which all have their own distinctive smell and individual calming properties.

    It is the synergy of these oils working together which delivers the gentle Pet Remedy calming effect on your pet. You can easily identify in the aroma, the small inclusions of Vetiver (a reedy grass from Indonesia), Basil, and Clary Sage essential oils, which help balance the smell.

  • Can I use Pet Remedy if my pet is on medication?

    Pet Remedy is very gentle in its effect so safe to use in most situations, but always consult with your vet first.

  • Where is Pet Remedy made?

    This brand was developed and made in England.

  • What if my dog still gets excited after using Pet Remedy?

    Remember, Pet Remedy only helps calm excited nerves. So with dogs there is still the matter of learned behavior to deal with. Often they will still react/behave in the same way as when stressed or anxious even if their nerve cells are calmed. For instance, if the doorbell rings they will still react by barking.

    The advantage with dogs (and horses) is that in helping calm, Pet Remedy in turn helps make the dog more receptive and attentive to you! So you can then hopefully work on behavior modification.