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Dog Silencer® Training Pack – MAX

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The Dog Silencer MAX stops barking around your home while OnGuard is great when you're on the go. Whether it's your dog or the neighbor's, you can live a bark-free life and address those “other” unwanted dog habits at the same time. Save big when you bundle!

Pack Includes: Dog Silencer® MAX, Faceplate, Remote Control, AC Adapter, and OnGuard Handheld Trainer with Lanyard Attachment.


A light-red Broholmer mix stands in his yard and looks through the wooden fence.


Best In Breed Bark Control

The Dog Silencer MAX automatically detects and stops barking around your home using high-pressure ultrasonic sound. This powerful device is completely humane and can be installed to stop your dog's, or the neighbor's dog's, barking.

3-in-1 Handheld Training Tool

OnGuard stops unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping, and digging. It’s also effective on walks to keep both your dog and the neighborhood dogs under control.

Additional Features

Weather Resistant With Remote Option

IPX4 waterproof rating helps the MAX stand up to the elements, while the included remote allows you to activate the unit manually if the barking is outside of the 75′ detection range.

Safety Alarm & LED Light

OnGuard is equipped with a loud, pulsating alarm that can be used to draw attention to yourself – providing another layer of security on your next walk. Plus, the bright LED flashlight comes in handy anytime you need a light.

Where to Use It

Install the Dog Silencer MAX in direct line of site of the barking dogs to provide the peace and quiet you deserve. Grab the OnGuard when heading out or when you need another option to reinforce training.

The Dog Silencer MAX is ideal for covering large yards and particularly stubborn barkers.
Use for dogs that like to bark at the fence – whether it's your dog, or the neighbor's!
Keep your dog on his best behavior at the park, on walks, or while traveling.

How It Works

At home, whenever a dog barks, the Dog Silencer MAX will automatically send out a high-pitched tone that only the dog will hear. It will not harm him, but it will also not sound pleasant. With time, he will learn not to bark so he doesn't have to listen to the sound. Learn more about the Dog Silencer MAX  

On the go, every time your dog does something naughty – barking, jumping, leash pulling, etc. – simply point OnGuard at him and press the bottom button. The ultrasonic tone will be irritating enough to distract him and stop his bad behavior, but without causing any harm. As soon as he stops, give lots of praise and maybe a treat! Learn more about the OnGuard  

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Video: How to Use It

This video goes over how to setup and use the Dog Silencer MAX as well as its features and accessories.

Details and Specs

Dog Silencer MAX Ranges
Bark DetectionUp to 75′
Stops BarkingUp to 300′
Remote ControlUp to 75′
Dog Silencer MAX Size
Dimensions5.25″ H × 4.25″ W × 1.8″ D
Weight1 lb
Dog Silencer MAX Power
OptionsAC Adapter
6 “AA” Batteries
Solar Panel (optional accessory)
Consumption1.6W (ultrasonic)
1.8W (audible)
OnGuard Ultrasonic Sound
DistanceUp to 50′
Decibels+105 at 1 meter
OnGuard Secondary Features
Panic alarm db+105 at 1 meter
Flashlight4,800 lux at 1′
After Purchase
Dog Silencer MAX ManualPDF [559 KB]  
OnGuard ManualPDF [545 KB]  
Pack Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Dog Silencer Water ResistanceIPX4
Dog Silencer InstallationMounting Holes
Mounting Feet
Mounting Bracket (sold separately)
OnGuard CoatingDual Rubber
OnGuard Battery Type“AA”

What's Included

  • Dog Silencer MAX
  • Remote Control
  • Your Choice of Faceplate
  • AC Adapter
  • OnGuard Handheld Trainer


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