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OpenBox - BarkWise™ Complete

OpenBox - BarkWise™ Complete

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A humane bark collar that trains your dog with ultrasonic sound and vibration - always without shock! By using the included remote control, you can activate BarkWise manually or have it activate automatically when your dog barks.

With Advanced Bark Recognition™ Technology, we ensure the most accurate and consistent training possible. With it, you'll never have to buy another training collar. Open-Box units are certified pre-owned and tested fully before they are released for resale. Although all sales are final, you are still covered by the 1-year warranty.

Safe and Humane

BarkWise is safe.
And it works.

You love your dog, but his barking drives you crazy. He barks when cars go by, when birds fly through the backyard or the neighbor's cat walks along the fence. Not to mention what happens when someone rings the doorbell.

You're at your wit's end and need something that works. You love him and wouldn't want to hurt him with a shock collar. If this is your struggle, you've come to the right place!



100% Shock Free

The Advanced Bark Recognition™ method combines ultrasonic sound with vibration to train your dog correctly.

Rechargeable Battery

Just charge it like your cellphone and you're done -saves you time and money.

Additional Features

Durable and Water Resistant

Designed for pups who love rain, mud, and sprinklers, BarkWise has an IPX4 water-resistant rating.

Remote Control Option

Activate BarkWise automatically or use the pocket-sized remote to control it.

BarkWise is a Worthy Investment

The money talks, but it won't bark.

When it comes to training your dog, BarkWise is easily the best option at this price. Check out  this blog  post to see how BarkWise compares to other popular training solutions.

Where to Use BarkWise

The benefit of choosing a collar like BarkWise is that your dog can wear it anywhere. No matter where you are, you can use it indoors, outdoors, at home, or on the go.

Use it
Use it
In the Yard
Use it
On the Go

How It Works

With BarkWise, you now have access to our exclusive Advanced Bark RecognitionTM Technology. Using this method, your bark collar will be activated consistently every time your dog barks without false activations due to other sounds (a problem with many other brands). There is no other collar that provides this level of superior bark detection for more effective and quicker training.

Depending on your chosen settings, BarkWise will send a powerful high-pitched tone and vibration every time the dog barks. Similar to fingernails on a chalkboard, dogs find this sound extremely irritating. In most cases, dogs learn pretty quickly that they won't hear this irritating noise if they are quiet. To distract your dog from barking, you can use ultrasonic sound alone or in combination with vibration.

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The inaudible, high-pitched sound is only heard by your dog. It's loud enough to catch your dog's attention, but it's completely humane and safe.


BarkWise uses vibrations similar to your cellphone's vibration mode. As a result, your dog's barking or unwanted behavior is interrupted.

Audible Sound

Combining this feature with ultrasonic sound is an optional feature. For hard-of-hearing dogs or if you prefer to hear when BarkWise is activated, this is a great option.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Video: See BarkWise in Action

Let us introduce you to Sadie, our local Shaussie. She's a great dog, but sometimes she gets a little overexcited. During road trips, she has a bad habit of barking at other cars on the road, which gets old really fast. This habit has been safely and humanely broken by BarkWise. While she still gets excited when she sees other cars, the extra barking has stopped completely.

Details and Specs

Device 3″ W × 1.5″ H × 1.2″ D
Collar Length Adjustable 6–24″
Weight 2.2 oz
Battery Life ~ 24 Hours standby
~ 12 Hours continuous use
Voltage 5.5 v
After Purchase
Manual PDF  
Warranty 1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Water resistance IPX4
Material Collar: nylon
Light Colors Blue: activates when charging / when collar is activated
Red: indicates the unit is powering off
Remote Distance 75 feet

What's Included

  • BarkWise™
  • 5-Foot AC Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Black Collar Strap


  • Can my dog wear his regular collar while using BarkWise?

    While using the BarkWise Collar, we recommend removing your dog's regular collar and tags. By doing this, you will be able to prevent false activations caused by your dog's tags. The plastic loop included on the side of the BarkWise collar can be used to attach your dog's ID tag.

    We recommend attaching your dog's leash to a separate harness if you plan to use BarkWise while walking. To activate BarkWise manually without a harness, we recommend turning the bark sensitivity all the way off and using the remote control.

  • Can I use any AC Adapter?

    You should only use the official BarkWise AC adapter with BarkWise. Your warranty will be voided if you use any other AC adapter.

  • Can BarkWise be used with an invisible fence?

    Invisible fence systems should not be used in conjunction with ultrasonic bark control devices. Our bark control devices emit sounds that are very similar to those emitted by invisible fence collars. It may confuse the dog and interfere with its training.

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  • What size of dogs can BarkWise be used on?

    There are currently no restrictions on what size of dog BarkWise can be used on. It fits dogs with necks measuring 6–24 inches (15.2–61 cm), and the electronic unit is ergonomically designed to fit your dog's neck. Your dog won't feel the weight of the collar since it weighs only 2.2 oz (62.4 g).

  • Can I use BarkWise with a puppy?

    If your puppy is under 1 year old, please consult your veterinarian before using this product.

  • Does BarkWise come with a warranty or guarantee?

    Both are included in BarkWise. Your money-back guarantee begins the day you receive your order. Your product is also covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • What is the remote control used for?

    BarkWise can be activated at your discretion using the remote. This includes all training needs that are not related to barking. Keep your dog away from the furniture, the garden, or any other bad habits you want to break. With the remote control, you can train to your heart's content.

  • My dog is deaf, will BarkWise work?

    Yes, of course! Using the vibration setting is all you need to do. When your dog barks, BarkWise vibrates. Creating a slight annoyance takes the dog's attention off its barking.

  • What is ultrasonic sound?

    Humans can't hear ultrasonic sound, but dogs find it irritating and attention grabbing. Dogs can be trained safely and effectively with this tool. As a result, your dog's attention is diverted from barking to the high-pitched sound.

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  • How long does it take for BarkWise to work?

    As with any training method, BarkWise can take a couple of days or a few weeks to show results. The speed at which your dog learns will depend on how well he responds to the training.

  • What is the vibration setting?

    Vibration, like ultrasonic sound, is an excellent tool for controlling barking. Similar to the vibrations of a cell phone, BarkWise vibrates when barking occurs. As a result, he becomes less focused on barking and more focused on the annoyance.

  • Is BarkWise painful?

    Not at all. BarkWise emits high-pitched sounds and vibrations that are completely humane, unlike shock collars that can be extremely painful and confusing to dogs.

  • How long is BarkWise's battery life?

    Depending on how the item is used, this will vary. Standby time for BarkWise is around 24 hours and continuous activation time is 12 hours. BarkWise can be recharged while your dog takes a break from wearing the collar, since it is only recommended to keep the collar on your dog for up to 12 hours at a time.

  • Will BarkWise eliminate all barking?

    It stops nuisance barking, like barking as a result of boredom. BarkWise is designed not to affect instinctual or protective barking, like barking at intruders.

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  • Is it water resistant?

    The BarkWise is designed to be durable for everyday use, but it is not waterproof. Water bowl splashes are fine, but remove BarkWise if your dog will be swimming or playing in water.

  • Are there any restrictions on how long the collar should be worn?

    BarkWise should only be worn for up to 12 hours to avoid the contact nubs rubbing on your dog's neck. The unit can also be charged while your dog enjoys time without a collar.