BarkWise™ is a Worthy Investment

At less than $100, BarkWise is easily the best option when it comes to training your dog. Let's take a look at the price of some other popular solutions:

  • Pet store classes range around $150 an hour, and of course they want you to take a whole series of them. And once you get home, you have to remember everything they just told you.
    $150/session × 4 sessions = $600
  • Doggy daycare might only cost $30 a day, but multiply that times weeks and years. It's really not a permanent solution.
    $30/day = $150/work week = $7,800/year
  • Having a dog trainer come to your house would be amazing (who wouldn't want that?) – but that can easily rack up thousands of dollars.
    $150/session × 4 sessions = $600

With BarkWise there are no classes to take, no travel time, no strangers in your home, and no fancy tricks to remember. It’s even rechargeable so there are no special batteries to keep buying. This saves you money while helping the environment.

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