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This works like a charm! We spent a lot of money, trying to get a dog cameras that we can talk through, throat treats through, but this worked even better. Our dog gets separation anxiety, and this is the only thing that will keep her from barking and let her relax.

Neighbors dog

Our neighbors dog would bark non stop until we got the neighbor pack. Very little barking now.

BarkWise™ Complete
Bria Goldberg
Works great!

We just adopted a senior dog who barked constantly when she was alone, I'm talking every other second for hours. We weren't able to leave the house, even if we went outside to grab the mail we heard her barking until we walked in the house. She would bark at every dog walking in front of the house and every human. nothing angry just to say hi, but it was too much. We got the collar and it worked immediately, it doesn't go off for every single bark but I think that can be better because it doesn't torture her; but she doesn't bark when we put it on. Now when we leave the house she naps and has less anxiety because she knows we want her to relax. I recommend this collar to everyone; I also love that you can set the sensitivity to noise setting, and there is also a remote. I wish the battery lasted longer but we just charge it every time she isn't wearing it.

Sanity Saver

We’d tried everything with the incredibly loud neighbor’s dog - and I mean LOUD - were maybe 200 feet away across a street and there’s no place on our property or in our home where you can’t that thing.
Found this, bought it, set it up, and…. Instant change, and now, two weeks later, we can finally hear how lovely and quiet things can be around here.

OpenBox - Dog Silencer® MAX
Sam Huffman
Quiets em right now!

This is my second unit. I now have one on either side of me yard because I have annoying neighbors with annoying dogs. However, now there is peace on the back patio!


Bracket fit and worked as offered.

Solar Pack MAX
Harley hound
This Thing Works!

The instructions say it won''t work thru obstacles. I found that, although that may be true, it does work around them. I was able to put it in my backyard to control the neighbor's dog on the other side of a dividing 8' wooden fence. Worked great on the first day! Very happy..

Dog Silencer® MAX
Debbie Burright
Neighbors dogs

We have used it for about a week and we think that it is working! One of our neighbors got a new dog and it was constantly barking at a gate and since we started using the device we haven’t heard a peep. We think it’s a miracle😁

I have trained about five dogs in my neighborhood with this device. It works. Within 24 hours you will see at least 85 to 90% decrease in the dog barking and nobody gets mad because humans can’t hear it. Keep peace with your neighbors— worth every penny

It's so good my shepherd doesn't wanna go back outside now.
The neighbors dog still needs some more training though.

I literally love this thing into days time the neighbors super stubborn barkers completely quit.

I love this!!! Neighbors dogs kept us up all night and now literally no barking.

Absolutely recommend this product, we’ve had the product 3 weeks and already noticed a significant decrease of barking from our neighbors loud dogs that have been barking over a year.
We have trained 5 dogs that do not belong to us with this product. Highly recommend for those that deal with the lack of training from pet owners that allow bad behavior .

This collar is a game changer! My dog used to bark like crazy! Now he uses the collar once in a while if we have company, kids or other dogs are around. My neighbors don’t complain anymore!!! And it’s safe.

OpenBox - Dog Silencer® MAX

It definitely is a game changer for our nuisance barking GSD

Enjoying Peace and Quiet Once Again!

I purchased the Discrete Neighbor Pack MAX to help control the nuisance of the neighboring dogs. I have tried many attempted solutions and none other compare to this device! I have had the Ultimate Bark Control hooked up for over a week now and have heard minimal to no barking coming from the neighbors yard. This is such a relief because we used to be subjected to hours of uncontrolled barking each day. Thank you for bringing us peace and quiet once again.

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Worked instantly, we have 5 heelers, all silenced. Amazing.

My neighbor has 5 large dogs that greet us whenever we go outside. Obnoxiously!!! We can’t use half of our yard and garage without these “greetings.” After installing the silencer, they haven’t stopped completely, but we do see an impact. They’re more likely to stop barking sooner and sometimes not at all. The problem isn’t solved 100%, but it did help reduce the volume and length of time they’re barking.

Barking device

Clearly does nothing at all

Hi Thomas,
I am sorry to hear this is not working out for you. I do see you are still under out 60-day money back guarantee if you would like to set up a return or we can troubleshoot. Just call us at 800-657-8214.

Great customer support

I received my bark control device but it did not seem to trigger with the neighboors bark, so I reached out to the company and they sent me a replacement unit at no cost to me. I received my new device and it seems to be helping. It's still early so I'm not sure how effective it will be, with this stubburn dog. This is a company I would buy other products from, just based on their customer support

Thanks for your review! If you need anything just let us know.

Works very well. It reduced barking significantly but the oldest dog only responds to the hand held remote button. (Max output) we are probably still in the training stage but has improved the noise quality in my backyard! Great product!

Dog Silencer® MAX
stephen breaux
Neighbor still barks but neighbor’s dogs bark no more

I complained to my neighbor but he barked too. Please make one that will work on highly inconsiderate dog owners.
It certainly works on his six barking dogs though. Every now and then a quip, but that’s it.
Quiet mornings at last.

We are so glad to hear this has worked to get your peace and quiet back. As for the inconsiderate dog owners, maybe one day there will be something that will work on them as well!

Dog Silencer® MAX
James Ellis
Finally a solution

Dear owners of 'support companions'. Barking dogs are not a reliable security defense (one fresh beef patty will change your dog's loyalty). And trust me; they're not having 'meaningful conversations' w/ each other when the whole block 'goes off'. It's more like 'I thought my owner was a leader, and now I have to pick up the slack!'. Dog Silencer Max works! No more barking, or ridiculous conversations w/ the 'pack leader'. And, it's totally harmless to the dogs.

It seems to be working. There is less barking from the two pairs of dogs.

It seems to be working. I can see the green light come on outside on the units when the remotes are pushed inside the house. Since the distance to all the dogs on both sides is pretty far I'm not sure . but there is less backing. The closer neighbor's dogs come back in March and then I can tell more. I feel better!

Dog Silencer® MAX
Margaret Laverty
Great product

Unfortunately, two of the four barkers next door didn't respond. However, interestingly enough, it DID stop the constantly barking dog which is driven back and forth along the road daily.