Who We Are

We are a small but hard-working team that comes from many backgrounds. A few things truly unite us: hard work, dedication, and a love of animals. Our work environment includes nearly as much play and humor. It's not all games, though! We iron out the details so you don't have to.

We believe in a world where neighbors get along. Where when a dog barks, someone listens rather than covering their ears.

About Our Company

Good Life was founded in 2002. It took time to find our identity, putting stock in many categories, but bark-control was always a favorite. Time proved that it was our place. What makes our bark-control products special? Every item is humane. You will find no shock or pain on this site.

Our star product, the Dog Silencer®, began as nothing more than a box, a couple speakers, and an on/off switch. With time, this device has become the powerhouse it is today sporting: bark-sensitivity adjustment, enhanced bark-detection, waterproof seals, and snazzy faceplates. Our newest model, the MAX, has 40% stronger speakers than the last. These upgrades were brought along through dedicated research and feedback from our loyal customers.

With every purchase, you help us make the world a quieter and friendlier place to dogs. With less barking comes less anger and more smiles.

Over 90% success rateon our top products

Designed in Medford, Oregon

Our customer service is awesome. Talk with us,we're here to help!

Meet Our Pets

Introducing our furry family members, our product gurus, and daily ambassadors of joy.


The boss, “El Hefe,” Top Dog

Duke & Dutchess

The Hug Patrol


All fur and eyeballs


Chief Begging Officer and Marketing Maven


Lover of Oregon Ducks and pork chops


"I'm all ears…"


Lover of running and bacon


"I'm only a little naughty…"


"All about the belly rubs, 'nuff said."


Ambassador of Cute


"I'm a punk."




Enjoys sleeping all day and is big into hugs.

Lucy Lu

Queen of fancy dance, treats


49er fan and Ball Chaser Extraordinaire


"I've got a little cattitude."

Law Dog

Professional People Watcher


Professional Lap Cat


"Excuse me? Woo hoo! … I didn't choose the name."

Storm Trooper

90 lbs of happiness


Queen of the House


Every human's best friend


"Aren't you going to pet me?"

Mr. Peanut Butter

Cat Comedian