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BarkWise™ Training Pack

Keep your dog's bad habits under control. With our most popular collar and handheld device, the training doesn't stop until your dog does. This bundle saves you $25!

Pack Includes: BarkWise Complete, Remote Control, AC Adapter, and OnGuard Handheld Trainer with Wrist Lanyard.

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This Pack is Packin'

Cover All Your Bases

Whether your dog is barking, jumping, climbing, digging, chewing… this training pack has you covered. BarkWise stops barking around your home and yard, while OnGuard is great for all corrective behavior training. Now you can live a bark-free life and train against a variety of other annoying dog habits!


A white lab is lying on the edge of a L-shaped couch. He is wearing the BarkWise collar.


100% Shock Free

Uses a unique combination of ultrasonic sound and vibration to train your dog the right way.

Rechargeable Battery

BarkWise's rechargeable battery saves you time and money. Just charge it like your cell phone.

Additional Features


BarkWise goes with your dog, while Onguard goes wherever you do.

Brilliant LED Light

The OnGuard's flashlight is convenient when you're out at night with your dog.

Where To Use It

Place the BarkWise collar on your dog for automatic or manual training. Depending on your settings, it will automatically react to barking, or you can use the remote to customize the training for any behavior.

Use the OnGuard while the BarkWise is charging, or use it on dogs that aren't yours to tell them to keep quiet. It also includes a magnificent flashlight and a loud panic alarm for nighttime walks.

Train your dog to be calm in the house.
Stop your dog from digging in the garden, or barking at the neighbors through the fence.
Remind your dog not to bark at everything on walks.

Details and Specs

BarkWise Size
Device3″ W × 1.5″ H × 1.2″ D
Collar LengthAdjustable 6–24″
Weight2.2 oz
BarkWise Charging
Battery Life~ 24 Hours standby
~ 12 Hours continuous use
Voltage5.5 v
OnGuard Ultrasonic Sound
DistanceUp to 50′
Decibels+105 at 1 meter
OnGuard Secondary Features
Panic Alarm dB+105 at 1 meter
Flashlight4,800 lux at 1′
After Purchase
BarkWise ManualPDF [282 KB]  
OnGuard ManualPDF [532 KB]  
Pack Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
BarkWise Water ResistanceIPX4
BarkWise MaterialCollar: Nylon
BarkWise Light ColorsBlue: activates when charging / when collar is activated
Red: indicates the unit is powering off
OnGuard CoatingDual Rubber
OnGuard Battery Type“AA”

What's Included

  • BarkWise™ Complete
  • BarkWise Remote Control
  • BarkWise 5-Foot AC Adapter
  • OnGuard™
  • OnGuard Lanyard Attachement


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