Mounting Bracket with Pan & Tilt

Mounting Bracket with Pan & Tilt

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Perfect for mounting your Dog Silencer® MAX. Whether you want to mount your Dog Silencer MAX on fences, decks, trees, walls or posts – this bracket has got you covered.

The Pan & Tilt feature allows for a full 70° angle of tilt so that you can position your MAX at just the right angle. This makes it easier than ever to keep control of your dog's barking and maintain peace in the neighborhood.

  • Compatible with Dog Silencer MAX
  • Easy mounting on various surfaces
  • Pan & Tilt feature for optimal positioning
  • Additionally, this bracket is incredibly easy to mount onto various surfaces – so whether you're working with wood, metal or brick – it's no problem! Plus its sturdy design ensures that once it's up there - it stays put!

    In short - if you're looking for an effective solution to manage barking dogs and want something that is versatile when mounting - look no further than this Mounting Bracket with Pan & Tilt!

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