Adopt a Senior Pet

When one decides to bring a pet into the home, kittens and puppies are often the first choice. You want to have that youthful joy, the chance at everything being new and exciting. However, that can quickly end when realization hits that these young pets actually require work, or more specifically training.

Well-behaved cats and dogs don't magically occur. You have to teach them the right and wrongs of living with your family, such as not to chew on your shoes (or in my own personal experience, the telephone cord; He was lucky he didn't get shocked!) and where their bathroom is.

For some, this may be fine, but many of us may find that this is not ideal for a busy life. That's why I want you to consider adopting a senior pet. Animal rescues and shelters are focusing on the elderly pets, dedicating November to Adopt a Senior Pet Month .

Older cats and dogs are many times overlooked, but they offer perks that the young don't. Since senior pets are fully grown, you'll know right away important information like personality type and grooming requirements, making it easier to choose the right pet for your family.

So, whether you adopt this month or in the future, look to the older pets as they have just as much as their younger counterparts to offer your family.