What's That Dial?

This post focuses on the Dog Silencer MAX, but you'll find a similar dial on some of our other devices.

The sensitivity dial is one of the biggest misconceptions about our training devices. It is often mistaken for a volume dial, and instinctively gets cranked all the way up in order to silence the barking once and for all. But by turning it all the way up you can unknowingly cause more harm to the training process than good.

Dog Silencer MAX sensitivity dial diagram
How the bark sensitivity dial works

What Is It?

The sensitivity dial, or the Hi-Lo Bark Sensor, controls how sensitive the microphone needs to be in order to accurately detect the barking. The dial sets the distance on how far the unit is from the dog.

You want the device to recognize the barking, but if the sensitivity is set too high it will detect other sounds nearby and activate too often, preventing the dog from learning that the device activates because of his barks. In fact, turning this dial up too high can actually make the barking worse!

The only time the dial should be at the highest setting is when the dog is 75 feet away and you can safely use the device without other loud sounds nearby.

See this video for a more in depth explanation.

Find the Perfect Setting

In the beginning, you will need to take some extra time to get the dial set to that “sweet” spot. There are a few tricks, or “rules of thumb” that will help when setting up the device.

There is an optional audible feature on the Dog Silencer MAX that allows you to hear the device every time it activates. We recommend you use this mode when first adjusting the bark sensitivity to save time.

  1. Start with Audio

    Using Audio mode when setting up the device is key to accurately gauge the sensitivity of the microphone. This will allow you to hear if the device is activating too often, or not often enough. In addition, you can use audio mode for older dogs or those with poor hearing as an alternative to the ultrasonic sound training.

  2. Start On Low

    Start with the dial all the way down in the remote only setting, roll the dial up a tiny bit, and wait until you hear the barking. If the unit activates, great – leave it as is! If it doesn't hear the dog, turn it up a bit more. If it is activating too often, turn the dial down a bit. Repeat this testing process as needed, until the unit is activating every time the dog barks (no more, no less). Once you find the best setting, then you can flip the switch back to Ultrasonic mode.

    You can also use your thumb as a measuring tool to adjust the sensitivity dial. Roll the dial all the way down and place the tip of your thumb to the bottom of the dial. Roll your thumb all the way up till the tip of your thumb touches the top of the dial by the “plus” sign. This will get you to the halfway mark and then you can adjust the sensitivity dial from there. One thumb roll sets the dial to the halfway point.

  3. Tips For Success

    • Position the dial   correctly.
    • Place the device where you have a clear line of sight without any obstructions.
    • Allow for adequate training time, usually between 2–4 weeks.

    By following these steps you will be 100% satisfied with the peace and quiet you've been longing for.

If you need any help about setting up your device please feel free to ask us questions – we encourage it. You can reach us via , email, or by phone at 1-800-657-8214. Our customer service representatives are standing by to help!

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