Will it Work on This Dog?

Every dog is different. Luckily, most can be trained using our bark control products. They work on all types of dogs as they can't tell the difference between a big, bold German Shepherd or a sweet, little Chihuahua.

However, you do want to answer two questions to get on the right path. Why is the dog barking? Where is the dog barking? In Customer Service, this is what we ask whenever we get asked, “Does this work?” and I'd say it's the number one question asked by you.

The particular situation can be the determining factor in what works and what doesn't. That's why Good Life has a collection of effective bark control tools to choose from. Here's a quick once over for you.

The Dog Silencer® is a stationary training tool, so it works well for the neighbor's dog or your dog that is outside. While it can work for your dog inside, it needs a direct, unblocked line of sight. With furniture and a dog's access to other rooms, it may not be the best choice.

On the other hand, the BarkWise™ collars work for your own dog if he has freedom in the house and outdoors as they wear the training tool. Correcting that bad behavior can happen wherever he goes.

The OnGuard™ is a handheld remote, so you have to activate it to train your dog. (Think of it like a flashlight.) This works for all situations when you are physically able to train, especially barking at the front door.

But don't fret if you still aren't sure. We are available to answer your questions and offer suggestions. Stopping barking isn't a quick fix, but a training process that we want you to get it right.

Peace and quiet can be yours! Just email us or chat with us live and we will do everything we can to get you started on the right path.

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