Bark Control Pro is MAGIC!

Bark Control Pro is MAGIC! I've been listening to the neighbor's German Shepherd bark and anything, everything and nothing for almost a year. Initially it was a moderate irritant as I would hear him on work-from-home Fridays and over the weekend, but the COVID-19 lockdown has both my wife and I home full time. The dog turned into a significant irritant! Barks as chipmunks, squirrels, people on the street walking their non-barking dogs, the mailman, UPS truck, FedEx truck, garbage truck, shadows, wind, voices in its head...EVERYTHING. Incessant barking that would last 1-5 minutes at a time, 5-10 times a day.

My Bark Control Pro arrived on a Tuesday, got it set up and in the window Tuesday night. Dog came out and barked 3 times and stopped! I hit the remote and he trotted back inside. Wednesday morning at 0650 he came out for his first morning bark, lit off 3 barks and stopped. Later that afternoon he came out, barked and immediately stopped. Today is day 3 and we heard him bark once! He's tried moving to different locations in the yard and to the upper deck, but in 3 days he's nearly silent! Couldn't work better and we couldn't be happier! They say there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. Very true! We've never seen the owners address his horrible behavior, but Bark Control Pro did!

Rob W.
Colorado United States