OpenBox - Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

OpenBox - Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

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Defend against pests with 5-in-1 repellent! Keep every room of your home safe.OpenBox products are final sale and have a 1-year warranty for mechanical issues.
The Neighborhood Will Thank You

Put an end to pest infestations in your home or business without the use of chemicals, poisons, or traps.

Ultrasonic sounds, electromagnetic pulses, and air-cleaning negative ions combine to attack insects and rodents with the Ultimate AT. For more than 21 years, Ultimate AT has been trusted by families, schools, hospitals, and businesses.

You can reach us at 1-800-657-8214, live chat, or email whenever you need help.



Ultrasonic Sound

Pests are bombarded with high-pitched, disorienting noises, while you hear nothing.

Electro-Vibrawave Technology

Affects the nervous systems of pests that are reactive to electromagnetic frequencies.

Additional Features

Negative Ion Technology

The Negative-Ion System removes dust mites, bacteria, and odors from the air that can attract pests, much like the cleansing of a rain storm.

Extra Outlet

Includes a side plug-in so you don't lose any precious outlet space.

Coverage Area

Based on your situation, the number of Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs you need will vary. Typically, we recommend one unit per affected room since ultrasonic sound waves bounce off solid objects like walls.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • 1.Distribute the units evenly throughout your home to prevent pests from spreading.
  • 2.Allow ultrasonic frequencies to travel farther by keeping doors open whenever possible.
  • 3.It is recommended that multiple units be used for maximum efficiency and coverage.

Where To Use It

Ensure your home is protected from top to bottom with the Ultimate AT.

Use it
Keep your kitchen roach-free.
Use it
Rid your bathroom of ants and silverfish.
Use it
Protect your belongings stored in the garage or attic from hungry rodents.

How It Works

High-Pressure Ultrasonic Technology Electro-Vibrawave Technology Ultra-Ionic Technology
Pests invading the home are bombarded by loud, disorienting noises while you don't hear a thing. By ricocheting off walls and other solid objects, this unpleasant sound drives pests away. Insects, mice, rats, and other rodents are specifically targeted with ultrasonic sound output. Insects and rodents hiding deep inside your walls will be irritated by pulsing vibrations sent along your home's wiring. The shifting frequencies won't harm you, your pets, or your pets, or your electronics, but pests will have no place to hide. Similar to rainstorms, the ultimate AT releases beneficial negative ions into the air. As a result, pests seek shelter elsewhere. Additionally, these ions remove pollutants, bacteria, and dust mites, neutralizing odors that may attract pests.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Video: Ultimate AT

Introducing the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT.

Details and Specs

Coverage Up to 5,000 ft2 (sound will bounce off of solid barriers)
Ultrasonic Wave Interval 1~4 sec. on, 0.5~2 sec. off
Electromagnetic Pulse Interval 0.5~2 sec. on, 1~4 sec. off
Power AC 110 v; 60 Hz
Consumption 8 W
AC pass-through 50 W max
After Purchase
Manual PDF    
Warranty 1-Year manufacturer's warranty 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Dimensions 4.72″ × 2.76″ × 1.77″


  • Will I hear or smell the Ultimate AT?

    While some people can hear a very faint beeping sound, the sounds emitted by the Ultimate AT are above their normal hearing range. It emits negative ions to trick pests' sense of smell into thinking a storm is approaching (like the smell of rain brewing). These smells, however, are undetectable by humans. You won't notice any odors from the Ultimate AT.

  • What pests are repelled by the Ultimate AT?

    The most common household pests are ants, rats, roaches, mice, silverfish, centipedes, and scorpions.

  • What pests are NOT repelled by the Ultimate AT?

    While some customers have reported success with spiders, bees, mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects, results have varied.

  • Does the Ultimate AT *kill* any pests?

    The Ultimate AT kills dust mites, but it is not designed to kill anything else. Rodents and insects are repelled by the AT, but they are not killed by it. In this way, there is no need to remove dead pests from your house's walls or rooms. Using humane and safe methods, pests are repelled outside.

  • Where should I use the Ultimate AT?

    In order to use the Ultimate AT, you will need to do so indoors. Ultrasonic sound waves from the Ultimate AT will bounce around inside your home's walls and fill the room with pest-repelling sounds. As long as the AT is plugged into an open area, the height does not matter. Make sure the Ultimate AT is not plugged in behind anything that will block its speakers, such as a couch, bookshelf, stove, refrigerator, and so on. The Ultimate AT is commonly recommended for kitchens and bathrooms since pests are attracted to food smells and water. The unit should always be placed in the room or rooms that have the most pest problems.

  • Is the Ultimate AT safe to use around children?

    With the Ultimate AT, people of all ages can use it safely, including babies and young children.

  • Is the Ultimate AT safe around pets?

    It is safe to use the Ultimate AT around most house pets, however it is recommended that you closely monitor your pet's behavior for the first 48 hours after using it. Although rare, some cats and dogs may hear the sounds produced. Because each pet and situation is different, our Money-Back Guarantee gives you time to see if the AT bothers your pets.
    Birds vary greatly in size, breed, and behavior. There is no way to guarantee that the Ultimate AT will or will not bother your bird. The AT should not be used in the same room as your bird, or near the bird's cage, for safety reasons. While some customers report their birds are bothered by ultrasounds, others say their birds seem fine. Fish:fish will not be affected by the Ultimate AT.
    Reptiles have much lower hearing ranges than mammals (i.e. people, dogs, cats, and rodents), so the device will not affect them. As a result, it cannot be used to repel reptiles.
    A rodent pet may include a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret, hamster, mouse, gerbil, rat, degu, prairie dog, or sugar glider. Your rodent pets will be bothered by the Ultimate AT because it uses ultrasonic sound designed to repel rodents. In a bedroom, rodent pets can be kept safely behind closed doors since ultrasound cannot pass through walls. Using the AT repeller on the other side of the home or on a different floor will also make your pet safe, as will using it outdoors.

  • Can it be used around medical devices?

    Due to the fact that we are not medical doctors, we cannot guarantee that the Ultimate AT will be safe around medical devices. We strongly recommend consulting your physician before using any type of electronic device near a medical device, such as a hearing aid, pacemaker, defibrillator, etc., even though no problems have been reported to date.

  • How does the AT compare to other electronic repellers?

    Unlike traditional pest control methods, the Ultimate AT is completely safe to use around pets and family members. There are no chemicals, traps, or sprays used, and it is completely silent to humans. Even though you may see other electronic pest repellers at large chain stores or home improvement stores, the Ultimate AT is the best! Store-bought units usually have paper speakers, so they may last only a few months before they stop working. Using a ceramic high-pressure transducer, the Ultimate AT produces high-quality, very powerful sound. Even though some electronic pest repellers claim to work inside your walls, this feature alone won't keep bugs out of your home. Repellers that only work inside your walls will not target roaches already living on your counters and floors, for example. With Electro-Vibrawave technology, the Ultimate AT is able to fill the inside rooms of your home with piercing, high-pitched ultrasound that only pests can hear.

    By combining these technologies with powerful negative ions, the Ultimate AT makes the best indoor electronic pest repeller available!

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Please contact our Customer Care Department at 800-657-8214 or 541-245-4488 for details regarding large quantities/bulk orders.

  • How do I get the correct plug/voltage for my country?

    The Ultimate AT is available in 110v and 220–240v options. We will automatically send the correct unit based on where you are located. If you have a special request please just let us know when you place your order. 110/120V (North America, Japan) 220/240V 2-pin G.S. (Europe, India) 220/240V 3-pin UK 220–240v (Australia, China)

  • Does the Ultimate AT require any adjustments or maintenance?

    It is 100% maintenance-free. Once you plug the device into your wall, it starts working! The unit has three blinking lights that show you which technologies are running. In addition to killing bacteria, dust mites, and food odors, the device produces powerful negative ions without requiring cleaning or replacement of filters. Plug it in and you're good to go!

  • How much area will the Ultimate AT cover?

    If you have a large open area (without interior walls), the Ultimate AT will cover up to 5,000 square feet (465 square meters). In a large attic, basement, or kitchen/living room, for instance, one unit should cover the entire space.
    Electro-Vibrawave® is only available on the electrical circuit that the unit is plugged into. For safety reasons, most modern houses have multiple circuits isolated from each other. Spread the units throughout the house if you wish to cover all circuits.

  • Why do you recommend multiple units?

    Though the Ultimate AT uses Electro-Vibrawave® technology inside the walls of your home, its high-pitched ultrasonic sound cannot travel through walls. It is for this reason that we recommend at least two to three units per floor in order to achieve the best results. Depending on your building's floor plan and where pests are present, you can place units in different areas of your home. You can distribute the ultrasonic pest repelling sound throughout your home or office by strategically placing multiple units. As a result, your electronic pest control is optimized. Even though electromagnetic energy can travel throughout your home wiring when used with one unit, using more than one unit at once has been found to yield the best results. While one unit is better than none, multiple units will produce more powerful results.

  • How long before I see results?

    We recommend you give the Ultimate AT 2–4 weeks to completely eradicate your pests. Depending on the type of pests, the location, and the degree of infestation, the results may vary.
    Please Note: There are times when the pressure on any creature can be so great that it overrides any deterrent during periods of extreme drought or other adverse conditions.

  • Can it be used near home electronics?

    Electronics in the home such as stereos, TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances can be safely used with the Ultimate AT. It is recommended that you consult an electrician before using the Ultimate AT around expensive or finely-tuned electronics or custom electronic systems like X-10 home automation systems or power line networking systems.