60ft Extension Cord

60ft Extension Cord

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This 60ft extension cord is a must-have for anyone looking to stop nuisance barking from their dog or the neighbor's dog. Its long length allows you to place your Dog Silencer MAX or Bark Control Pro anywhere you need it.

  • Long length of 60ft
  • Compatible with Dog Silencer MAX and Bark Control Pro

No more worrying about being tethered to an outlet with a short cord. With this extension cord, you can take control of your barking dog situation and place the device where it will be most effective.

So say goodbye to the frustration and annoyance of constant barking, and make sure that your Dog Silencer MAX or Bark Control Pro is always within reach with this handy extension cord.

Adds 60′ to your AC Adapter while being razor thin, discreet and durable.



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