7 Inexpensive Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Your dog is a part of your family and, as such, why not spend a day spoiling them? Here are 7 simple and inexpensive ways to spoil your dog.

  1. Go to your local pet store and let your pup pick out a new toy!
  2. Take them to a dog-friendly beach, or to the dog park to play with some dog friends.
  3. Go on a drive and let them sit in the front seat with their head out the window.
  4. Take them on a hike in a new area with new sights and smells.
  5. Make them some homemade dog treats, like this dog-friendly peanut butter ice cream.
  6. Go get them pampered with a nail trim, a wash, and a haircut!
  7. Finally, spend the whole day cuddling and loving your furry companion.

We hope you love getting to spend extra time with your dog, and remember, any day is a good day to spoil your pets!

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