Working with Anxious Dogs: Anxious Olivia

When Olivia arrived at the shelter she was scared, nervous, and fearful of new people and situations. Even after tireless efforts by volunteers and staff at the Jackson County Animal Shelter  , Olivia was making little improvement – certainly not enough to make her eligible for adoption. Even coming out of her kennel was still a huge step all on its own.

Due to the severity of Olivia’s anxiety and fear, the volunteers were desperate to try anything that could help her. If she didn’t show some signs of improvement within a week, the shelter would have to consider euthanizing this beautiful dog.

How We Found Out

When my coworker and I arrived for our usual volunteer day – to walk some of the dogs and take photos – we were introduced to a few volunteers who had been working with Olivia.

While chatting, we were asked what we did. We explained that we work with Good Life, what our company does, the types of products we offer, and our goals for helping at the shelter. This is when one of the volunteers asked if we had any ThunderShirts, and if we’d be able to donate one.

We could tell that they desperately wanted to help this dog, and we made it our mission to assist them in any way we could. Of course, Good Life was happy to donate a ThunderShirt for Olivia, and we anxiously waited for an update on her progress.

A Hopeful Update

Olivia sitting pretty.

About a week and a half later we were informed that Olivia was making major progress with her anxiety – she had even been involved in some play groups to help get her out of her shell. The other volunteers believed that the ThunderShirt helped greatly with easing her issues and helped make her more comfortable in new situations.

Olivia Today

It has been about a month, and Olivia is now up for adoption! Of course, she is still a bit timid and does need time to warm up to people, but she is making progress each and every day. She is currently at a foster home with another larger dog which is helping develop her social skills. Olivia has proven to be a very sweet and affectionate girl and she really bonds to people who treat her well.

We here at Good Life couldn’t be more thrilled to hear how the tireless efforts of the shelter volunteers and staff and the ThunderShirt have saved this girl’s life, and allowed her to become eligible for her forever home!

Want To Help?

If you are looking to make a difference in your community, call your local animal shelter or rescue. They are always looking for volunteers, supplies, and donations. We promise you won't regret it!

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