Breed Spotlight: Catalburun

Let's celebrate another interesting breed today! One of the rarest dogs in the world  , almost unheard of outside of Turkey, is the Catalburun.

Catalburuns are one of the only breeds to feature the split nose they are known for, the others being the Pachon Navarro and Andean Tiger-hound. Split-nose dogs have a very strong sense of smell, and the Catalburuns are no exception. They are used as hunting dogs and are highly prized as the only pointing breed native to Turkey.

The Catalburun is such an isolated breed that it actually gets its distinct feature from that fact! The split nose comes from generations of inbreeding. It's said to be a very loyal and docile dog and perfect hunting partner.

Very little is written or known about these beautiful animals outside of turkey but you can't help but take a second look at this magnificent animal!

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