Convince Your Spouse its Time to Get a Dog

So if your spouse has not yet come over to the “dog side” you absolutely must show her this picture and article  . From the immortal words of Rafiki in The Lion King, It is time.

These days there are more articles than one could count from veterinarians to your average dog owner all saying one thing; pets are good for our overall health. But really, 90 percent of people in this world fall into two categories: those who want a dog, and those who will want a dog. Hopefully your spouse fits into one of these, and if so, here are some great reasons for why getting a dog would be so momentous.

  • You will be happier. The longer an owner and their dog spend time together the more oxytocin, aka the love hormone, the owner releases. This hormone is known to enhance attachment much in the same way a mother bonds with their infant.
  • You will get in better shape. First you will be walking the dog mostly for their health but eventually the dog will be walking you, which can only benefit you in the long run, giving you a healthy dose of daily exercise.
  • You will stress less, be more social, and your family will likely have fewer allergies. Surprisingly, dogs carry a fair amount of germs on them and your body simply gets used to having those extra germs around.

It takes me a long time to lose my temper, but once lost I could not find it with a dog. Well said Mr. Twain. So, how many were convinced?

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