Dealing with Your Neighbor and Their Barking Dog

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Bark. Bark. Bark.

It's 3am and you can't sleep because that neighbor's dog is barking. It's the fourth time this week and you've had it! Time for action. Time to talk to your neighbor.

Before marching right over, pause. You want to be calm, outside of the throes of frustration. Take this waiting period to consider what you want to say. We all can be guilty of quickly reacting, saying words that we may well regret later. You have to live next to these people after all. Selling your home is usually not an option.

  1. Be respectful, non-threatening, yet firm.
  2. Assume that your neighbor really has no idea that their dog is barking. Some neighbors don’t as they may be away during the times the dog is barking.
  3. Explain the effects of the barking. This doesn’t have to be super detailed, but you want them to understand why you need the dog to stop – besides the fact that it is irritating to hear a dog bark.
  4. Offer to help as well. Some people may not know where to begin. “I've seen a lot of free training tips online. I can send you information if you'd like.”
  5. Thank your neighbor for listening and making a change.

A considerate neighbor will be more than willing to stop their dog’s barking. Allow for time, though. Stopping a dog’s barking isn't always a quick fix. If it’s been a week and the barking continues, you may want to bring up the barking issue again. Hopefully, they are training their dog to stop barking.

If they aren't working on the barking, you can stop the barking yourself with an anti-barking solution. The Dog Silencer® MAX works well for a neighbor's dog because it has the distance needed. You can also contact law enforcement if the barking continues.

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