Best Bark Collar of 2023: Comprehensive Guide for Small to Large Dogs

As man's best friend, dogs bring joy and companionship into our lives. However, excessive barking can cause stress for owners and neighbors alike. In seeking solutions, bark collars have become an increasingly popular tool for curbing nuisance barking and reinforcing quiet behavior. With so many options on the market, it's important to understand the different types of bark collars available and evaluate their effectiveness and humane use.

For dog owners overwhelmed by the maze of options, BarkWise stands out as a top-rated training tool that simply works. Read on for a complete guide to picking the best bark collar for your needs in 2023.

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Types of Bark Collars

The most common forms of bark collars use a negative stimulus to deter barking. Bark collars typically work by detecting barking through a microphone or vibration sensor, then delivering an unpleasant stimulus to interrupt and deter the barking behavior.

It’s important to note that bark collars should never be a standalone solution but paired with training. Their goal is to reinforce behavioral cues, not punish dogs. When used carefully, they can curb excessive barking through humane interruptions. Addressing underlying causes, however, is key for many owners.

Ultrasonic Collars

Similarly, ultrasonic collars like the Ultrasonic Bark Collar from UltimateBarkControl emit a high-frequency sound when activated by barking. While not audible to humans, the sound aims to deter continued barking. The Bark Control Pro from UltimateBarkControl detects and stops your dog or the neighbor's dog's barking with ultrasonic sound up to 150 feet.

Vibration Collars

Vibration collars like the Vibration Bark Collar from UltimateBarkControl function by emitting a vibration sensation when barking occurs. The sensation distracts and interrupts the dog’s barking pattern. The Positive PetTM Dog Training Collar from UltimateBarkControl uses vibration to interrupt barking and other unwanted behaviors.

While initially startling, none of these methods cause pain or physical discomfort when used appropriately.

Citronella Spray Collars

Citronella spray collars emit a burst of citronella when a bark is detected, utilizing an unpleasant odor to interrupt and discourage excessive vocalization. While citronella spray collars may seem like a gentle alternative, they pose a variety of drawbacks. The sensitivity of the microphone must be finely tuned to avoid false activations, which can confuse dogs and undermine training. If the collar goes off when another dog barks, it might incorrectly punish your dog. Furthermore, some dogs have shown distress reactions to citronella including hiding and trembling. Even small amounts of citronella contact can lead to skin and mouth irritation for sensitive dogs. Given these risks, citronella spray collars may not be the most suitable choice for many dogs and owners. Carefully evaluating your specific dog's temperament and sensitivities is advisable before utilizing a citronella spray collar.

Shock Collars

This collar delivers a small static correction when barking is picked up. This method is controversial and opposed by many due to risks.

The Best of Both Worlds: Ultrasonic and Vibration

Barking dogs create stress for owners and neighbors alike. Finding an effective and humane solution to nuisance barking becomes critical for a peaceful home.

More innovative collars provide a comprehensive solution suitable for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. With ultrasonic and vibration modes, these collars can deliver a gentle yet firm interruption, while avoiding any pain or harm. Advanced technology ensures precise activation only on your dog's bark. Adjustable settings let owners customize the intensity and duration to match each dog's sensitivity.

Top Bark Collars For Your Pup

BarkWise™ Complete

The BarkWise™ Complete offers a humane and effective way to curb excessive barking. This collar uses a combination of ultrasonic sound and vibration to interrupt and deter nuisance barking. Advanced bark recognition technology precisely detects each bark to avoid false activations. With both automatic and remote-controlled settings, owners can customize the training approach. The rechargeable battery provides versatile use indoors and outdoors. Plus, the collar is lightweight and water-resistant for active dogs. While initially startling, the ultrasonic and vibration stimuli are completely safe and cause no pain. According to the manufacturer, BarkWise can reduce barking by up to 90% through consistent use and positive reinforcement. For owners seeking a more humane alternative to shock collars, BarkWise™ provides a highly-rated solution.

Positive Pet™ 

The Positive Pet™ Dog Taining Collar uses remote-controlled vibration to curb barking and other dog misbehavior. Owners simply push a button on the included remote, and the collar emits a strong sensation similar to a vibrating cell phone. This interrupts unwanted habits and commands attention without any shock or pain. The collar recharges via USB and comes with adjustable nylon straps and magnetic plates to customize the fit. Positive Pet™ allows owners to reinforce training commands from up to 55 feet away. With consistent use and rewards for good behavior, the vibration feedback aims to permanently correct behaviors through positive associations. For those seeking an alternative to shock collars, Positive Pet offers a humane and hands-on training tool.

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Other Essential Training Tools

The Dog Silencer MAX™ 

The Dog Silencer MAX™ offers a humane way to stop nuisance barking from your own dog or even your neighbor's dog up to 300 feet away. It uses safe ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear to deter barking. The device automatically detects barking within 75 feet. It can also be activated manually with the included remote control. The high-pressure speaker emits an irritating yet harmless sound that trains dogs to stop barking excessively. With weather-resistant construction and versatile power options, the Dog Silencer MAX provides a customizable solution for regaining peace and quiet. While initially startling, the ultrasonic stimuli cause no pain or harm to dogs. According to the manufacturer, the Dog Silencer MAX can reduce barking by up to 90% with consistent use. For fed up dog owners, this device offers welcome relief without shock or punishment.

Bark Control Pro™ 

The Bark Control Pro™ emits an ultrasonic sound up to 150 feet away to deter nuisance barking. The device automatically detects barking within 50 feet and activates in response. An adjustable microphone lets owners customize the sensitivity as needed. The unpleasant yet harmless high-pitched sound redirects dogs' attention and curbs vocalization. A backup audible tone can aid hearing-impaired dogs. With indoor/outdoor versatility, remote control activation, and a rain jacket included, Bark Control Pro™ provides a customizable bark deterrent. While initially startling, the ultrasonic sound causes no pain or distress. According to the manufacturer, the deterrent effects build over consistent use, eventually retraining dogs to avoid nuisance barking. For a humane bark control option, Bark Control Pro is a trusted solution.


The OnGuard™ trainer allows owners to correct dog behaviors like barking and jumping through humane ultrasonic sound. A press of the button emits an unpleasant high-pitched tone only dogs hear. This interrupts and deters unwanted habits without any pain or harm. OnGuard™ can be used anywhere thanks to its portable handheld design. Key features include automatic bark detection up to 50 feet away and a safety alarm button. According to the manufacturer, the ultrasonic sound redirects dogs' focus and discourages bad conduct through consistent use and positive reinforcement. For hands-on training both indoors and outdoors, OnGuard provides an effective no-shock solution.

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Proper Use of Bark Collars

When shopping for a bark collar, consider your individual dog’s sensitivities. An ultrasonic collar may suit a dog that responds better to noise interruptions. Vibration collars may work best for thicker coated dogs that require a stronger sensation. Collars that combine the effects are useful for all dog breeds. Trying different types can help determine which form of interruption your dog responds to best.

Find the Right Fit

Proper fit and use is critical for bark collars to function humanely and effectively. For small dogs especially, you’ll want to make sure the collar is comfortable and sized correctly so it can function properly and keep your furry friend safe.

The collar should fit snugly against the dog’s neck, with room for two fingers between the collar and your dog’s skin. Tighten it enough to allow the sensors to detect vibrations when your dog barks, but avoid leaving it so snug that it restricts your dog’s breathing and movement. Proper tightness results in the collar activating only when meaningful barking occurs, rather than accidental noise.

At Good Life Inc., we’ve crafted collars to fit all dog breeds. Our Barkwise™ Complete, for example, expands from 6 to 24 inches to fit dogs as little as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. Since it weighs only 2.2 oz, it won’t weigh small dogs down when they wear it.

Supervise Your Pup

When introducing your dog to a bark collar, closely supervise initial use. Begin by placing the inactive collar around your dog’s neck to acclimate them to wearing it. Monitor your dog’s reaction when the collar activates for the first few barks. Doing so allows you to gauge their sensitivity level and response. 

As your dog adapts to the sensation, you can increase the consistency of use. Aim to reinforce the connection between nuisance barking and the interrupting stimulus. With time, your dog will learn that excessive vocalization results in an unpleasant sensation, curbing the unwanted behavior.

Try a More Holistic Solution

Many Good Life Inc. solutions do not require a collar. For example, the Dog Silencer is a stationary device that you place in a room. When your pup barks, the Dog Silence emits a high-pitched sound, signaling your pup to stop barking.

While incredibly valuable for addressing nuisance barking, bark collars should never be used without also reinforcing quiet behavior. When your dog abstains from barking, reward the silence with treats, praise, and affection. This positive reinforcement establishes good behavior in place of the unwanted habit. Additionally, do not leave bark collars on for excessive lengths of time, as dogs can habituate. Use the collars consistently for a few weeks, then scale back to periodic use to maintain training. Ensure your dog still receives proper exercise, stimulation, and attention to address any underlying causes for frequent vocalization.

Good Life Inc. Supports Your Training Efforts

When used correctly, a well-crafted and humane bark collar can help you regain control over nuisance barking and peacefully quiet your pups. Yet no tool can replace the importance of training. Bark collars serve most effectively as reinforcement rather than a solution alone. Combining collar use with professional training, behavioral modification, and positive reinforcement creates optimal outcomes for both your pup and you.

Of the many bark collar options available, Good Life Inc. products stand out for their thoughtful, humane design. With Good Life Inc. as your portable training tool, you can finally have access to methods that reduce excessive barking in a compassionate, reliable, and effective manner.

Looking for a kinder, more effective way to train your dog and restore peace and quiet at home? Visit our site today.


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