I Guess My Bark is Worse Than My Bite

Communication, or lack thereof, can be problematic even offensive to all parties involved if you don’t know your audience. When we communicate with each other there is always a predetermined goal in what each individual would like to achieve from the exchange. To that end, sometimes we all just need to be heard and understood.

A nuisance, persistent barking dog from your neighbor can bring out the worst in all of us no doubt. Communication in times like this could not be more important.

The following case (NSFW), is an example of things taken a bit too far. The interesting thing here is many, if not all, who commented on this article said although they do not condone this approach entirely, all could relate to it. What are we to make of this?

Have our neighborhoods become so saturated with barking dogs that this approach and its subsequent threat of violence, has actually become a viable alternative for some to silencing your neighbor’s dog from barking?

It is our hope here at Good Life that the lines of communication will always remain open and productive. What are your thoughts on this issue? Did this note ring true for you? Could you or have you always wanted to write such a note?

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