No Need to Go to Extremes!

Does a barking dog have you frustrated, irritated and losing sleep? There is no need to go to extreme measures to stop it. I promise. Depending on your particular situation, we have a tool to help. I say “tool” for a reason; it's not simply another word to keep my writing interesting :)

Our products are not a quick fix or one that you can turn on and the dog magically stops barking with a single use. It's a way to train the dog to stop barking, so it takes your involvement.

When people call us, we ask a few standard questions that you can answer now.

  • Is the barking dog yours? Or is it a neighbor's dog? There are more options for your dog: BarkWise™ collars, Dog Silencer® or OnGuard™. For a neighbor's dog, you will most likely use the Dog Silencer only.
  • Why is the dog barking? This can play a key part in whether or not you will find success with our products. Dogs are truly the deciding factor. If they think it's important to bark, they are going to bark! It's natural, it's instinctual and it can sometimes take more than a product to stop protective and territorial barking.
  • Where is the dog barking? Location, location, location. Makes a difference in a lot aspects of our lives along with a barking dog.
  • Is the dog only barking at the front door? OnGuard.
  • Barking inside and outside of the home or all over the place? BarkWise collar.
  • Only barking outside in your backyard or it's the neighbor's dog? Dog Silencer.

Go to this page to see a breakdown of the different products with more details. Each product also has their own FAQs that may answer your specific questions or ones you didn't even think to ask.

If you're ready to give one or more of these a go, use this coupon code: SAVE10BLOG at checkout to save 10% off any of our products.

Still have questions? Call us, live chat, or send an email. My fellow Bark Control Experts and I are at the ready.

Whatever you decide, remember that dogs aren't trying to purposely drive you crazy. They only need understanding and training!

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