Options for Success

First let's start with a brief background, a preface to this story if you will. In October of 2014, I was approached by a woman named Mona. She was a job developer for adults with disabilities and was hoping to speak with our company about potential placement for one of her clients. After meeting, we agreed on the most fitting candidate and scheduled an interview with her client, Patrick. Patrick joined our shipping and warehouse staff shortly after.

Thanks for hanging in there, now to my main story —

The owner of our company, Kathy and myself were invited to attend a very heartening event earlier this year for an inspiration company called Options for Success. Options for Success is a foundation which aids and empowers individuals with disabilities to take charge of their own lives on a personal and professional level. Their goal is to remove barriers from employment by providing resources, education and support.

After hearing how well Patrick was doing at Good Life and the interview process Patrick would go through to earn his employment position here, Mona, and Jane with Commission for the Blind, decided to nominate both Patrick and Good Life for Employee/Employer of the Year – which were both won. Three plaques were given from Options for Success – one for Patrick as Employee of the Year, and two for Good Life as Employer of the Year, which are hung proudly in our office. Patrick was given his award for his hard work and dedication at Good Life, as well as his continued volunteer work at the Jackson Country Library.

Patrick is a thriving employee with Good Life to this day – A big help to our shipping department!

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