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Pro Tip: Adjusting the BarkWise Collar Switches

Our BarkWise Complete Collar offers a combination of sound, vibration, and remote control settings. This collar uses ultrasonic sound as the primary bark-deterrent correction. The Control Panel is where you'll find 3 switches for all of the other options.

The first switch is labeled: REM (for Remote Control). If that switch is DOWN, then that means the bark detection feature is off, and you can only activate the device by the remote control.

The second switch is AUD (for Audio). If that switch is DOWN, that means you will hear an audible tone when the collar is activated. When that switch is UP, there will be no audible sound.

The last switch is VIB (for Vibration). When that switch is DOWN, then a vibration will also happen when the collar is activated. This helps to distract the dog.

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