Save Money With Solar Power

After purchasing your Dog Silencer® or Dog Silencer® Max you have a few options for powering your unit. You can use A/C power and just plug the unit in, you can use batteries – or you can choose our newest power option, the Solar Panel. Using the Solar panel or (batteries) is a great way to get to those hard-to-reach places. But batteries can be expensive – and if your neighbor's dog is especially good at barking for hours on end – can add up over time.

Solar power is great for the environment and will save you money in the long run. Not to mention saving you time when you no longer have to test and change batteries. We have compiled a breakdown on how much batteries might cost you in 1 year compared to a one-time purchase of the Solar Panel.

One 12-pack of Energizer Lithium “AA” batteries = $16.24

Let’s say that 12-pack of batteries lasts about 2 months with constant activation of your Dog Silencer.

In 1 year, your total cost is $97.44 – that’s almost $100 in batteries!

For almost half that price at $49.95 you can save close to $50 in the first year and $100 every year after. You also won't have to hassle with changing batteries ever again!

If you wanted to go the rechargeable battery route you could, but the setup costs alone can be spendy. Not to mention you'll still have to go out and test the batteries and recharge them as needed.

The Solar Panel is eco-friendly, weather-resistant, and super low maintenance – just set it and forget it!

Prices are in USD.

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