Saving Dogs to Save Lives

In what might seem like an endless stream of hopelessness for many dogs who have found themselves in a shelter, and worse yet, facing euthanization, there is optimism to be had. The reality of this is, there is no way to stave off this process, there are simply too many dogs and not enough homes for all of them. A necessary evil, but one that can be skirted from time to time with great organizations like Veteran's K-9 Solutions  . What this organization does is takes dogs off death row, trains them as service dogs, and then places them with returning vets. One vet had commented that I had been through all the treatments I could possibly go through that I was aware of at the VA and I just needed something else because it just wasn't enough. Once again our four-legged companions show us just how loyal they are to their human counterparts, always doing what they can with what they have.

Even though Veteran's K-9 Solutions can't save every dog, that should never be a reason not to try and save some.

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