Take Bark Control to the Max!

That dog is barking again. It's driving me crazy! Can't my neighbor hear their own dog?!

I've been unfortunate to say those words in my life – and I've heard plenty of others say the same thing. That neighbor's dog has got to stop!

It's not always easy to deal with, especially if your neighbor isn't willing. Most dogs get into bad habits and like most habits, they need consistent training and a little time to break. But what about those dogs that are so gosh darn stubborn, they fight the training?

The Dog Silencer® MAX has the consistency, time, and strength to make it happen. It's our newest & strongest electronic bark control yet.

This device detects barking up to 75 feet away, then sends out powerful, irritating ultrasonic sounds. 40% Louder than our popular Dog Silencer®. But it's still safe and doesn't cause any pain.

Difficult dogs will listen and learn: If they only stop barking, they won't have to be bothered any longer. And you can again enjoy that peace & quiet you deserve.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email to customerservice@goodlifeinc.com.

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