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Dog Silencer® MAX Multi-Pack

Dog Silencer® MAX Multi-Pack

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When you have neighbors on either side of your house with barking dogs, it's time to bring in the Dog Silencer MAX Multi-Pack.

To learn more about the Dog Silencer MAX, visit the main product page for full details, comparisons, specs, video, and more.



Double your coverage and save big.

When one dog barks, they all bark! If you are surrounded by barking dogs on all sides, 1 unit just isn’t going to cut it! The highly requested MAX Multi-Pack will help you control barking in any direction. It can also cover odd-shaped yards, multiple neighbors’ yards, large properties and other hard-to-reach areas. Enjoy your newly found peace and quiet twofold knowing you saved money by bundling!


Our Most Powerful Solution

The Dog Silencer MAX detects barking automatically and trains dogs up to 300 ft. away. The high-pressure ultrasonic sound can be heard by dogs without bothering people.

Discreet Training

The MAX can be used in silent mode, and comes with your own colored faceplate to help blend in wherever you need it. Choose from, matte white, camo, or tree bark patterns.

Additional Features

Weather Resistant

The IPX4 water resistance rating protects against sprinklers and light rain. To prolong the life of your Dog Silencer MAX, use it in an area sheltered from extensive rain or direct sun.

Remote Activation x2

The MAX automatically detects barking up to 75 feet away, but if the dog is outside of that range you can trigger it manually with the included remote control. In fact, one remote will activate both units at the same time!

Where to Use It

Use it
Keep multiple neighbor dogs quiet.
Use it
Stop dog barking in multiple yards, or on opposite sides of the house.
Use it
Cover large properties where the dogs have more space to roam and bark!

How It Works

Peace and quiet, squared.

With two Dog Silencer MAX units you’ll get double the coverage, double the control, and double the quiet you’ve been longing for!

When the dog barks near either unit, it will send out a high-pitched tone. Dogs find this sound extremely irritating, which helps them learn fairly quickly that if they stop barking, the sound stops. Having two units placed in different areas can help maintain a large coverage area, and train multiple dogs to stop barking at once.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Details and Specs

Bark DetectionUp to 75′
Stops BarkingUp to 300′
Remote ControlUp to 75′
Dimensions5.25″ H × 4.25″ W × 1.8″ D
Weight1 lb
OptionsAC Adapter
6 “AA” Batteries
Solar Panel (optional accessory)
Consumption1.6 W (ultrasonic)
1.8 W (audible)
After Purchase
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Water ResistanceIPX4
InstallationMounting Holes
Mounting Feet
Mounting Bracket (sold separately)

What's Included

  • (2) Dog Silencer MAX
  • (2) Remote Controls
  • (2) 5-foot AC adapters


  • Why Do I need 2 Dog Silencer MAX Units?

    Since the Dog Silencer MAX relies on direct line of sight for the training to be effective, you would need 2 units if you have multiple neighbors with barking dogs. This will insure that you are covering both neighbors at the same time, and it eliminates having to move the MAX back and forth from one side to the next.

    You might also consider getting the 2-pack if you have multiple dogs in different kennels, or if you have a large property that your dog has free range of and you need to control their barking in different areas.  

  • Does having 2 Dog Silencer Max units increase the range or volume?

    No, this would be the equivalent of having two radios next to each other, neither one will make the other one louder or increase the distance to how far the sound travels.

  • What is the shape of the coverage area?

    The ultrasonic sounds will emit in a cone shape of about 130°, or about 65° on each side. The sound is directional, and will have the best training results if the device is pointed directly at the dog(s) you wish to train.

  • What is ultrasonic sound?

    Ultrasonic sound is above the hearing range of humans, but is attention grabbing and irritating to dogs. This makes a safe and effective tool for dog training. It takes your dog's focus off of barking and towards the high-pitched sound.

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  • What is the Audio mode?

    When using “Audio” mode, you will hear the device activate. It's recommended you use this mode when adjusting the bark sensitivity when first setting up the unit. In addition, you can use the audio mode for older dogs or dogs with poor hearing as an alternative to the ultrasonic sound training.

    Using the Audio mode when setting up the device will be key into accurately gauging the sensitivity of the microphone. You will be able to hear if the device is activating too often or not often enough. Adjust the dial up or down as needed and once you hear the unit ONLY activating when the dog is barking then you can flip the switch to the Ultrasonic mode.

  • Will this bother my other pets?

    Cats and dogs have very similar hearing ranges, so if your cat is near the unit when it's activated, yes, it will probably bother the cat. But, the sound from the MAX does not go through walls or around corners. For example, if the device is located in the backyard, and your cat is in the front yard or even in the house, the sound should not bother him at all. If the MAX is being used indoors, you'll want to keep cats and / or rodent pets out of the room where it is being used.

  • Will this work for whining or howling?

    If the Dog Silencer MAX is close to the dog, you may be able to adjust the microphone sensitivity higher to pick up howling or even whining. If this doesn't work, you might consider our BarkWise™ no-shock training collar for your dog. Also keep in mind that a dog might be howling or whining for reasons such as discomfort, fear, or anxiety. These issues should be discussed with a veterinarian instead of “punished” with any bark control system.

  • Is there a volume dial?

    No. There is no volume control by design. The device volume is pre-set and will fluctuate on its own to keep the dog guessing. The training sounds will always travel up to 300 feet (90 m)with a clear line of sight.

  • So then what is the Hi-Lo Dial?

    Think of the Sensor dial as a distance setting. If the dog is nearby, you'll want to keep it low. If he's farther away, you'll need to turn it up higher. You want the device to hear the dog barking, but if you turn the dial up too high it will detect other sounds nearby, activate too often, and will not train the dog to stop barking. In fact, turning this dial up too high can actually make the barking worse!

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  • Can I use it with a puppy?

    We do not recommend using the Dog Silencer MAX on puppies under 1-year of age. Please consult your veterinarian.

  • Will this work through fences, walls, windows, or bushes?

    No. The high-pitched sounds emitted by our training devices cannot penetrate any solid objects such as wood fences, windows, walls or thick shrubbery. However — sparse trees, window screens, chain link and wrought-iron fences should be okay.

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  • Can I use it with an invisible or electric fence?

    We recommend you do not use any ultrasonic bark control devices in combination with invisible fence systems. This is because the sound frequencies emitted by our bark control devices are very similar to those emitted by the invisible fence collar. This may cause confusion and interfere with the dog's training.

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  • How does the remote control work?

    Your purchase includes a keychain-size remote control which can be used to activate the device manually. The remote can be used up to 75 feet (23m) away from the main unit, and is convenient for on-demand training.

  • Should I use batteries or electricity? How long does the battery last?

    You can use batteries or electricity — it's your choice. But for best results we do recommend using the included AC adapter, especially in the early stages of training when the dog will be barking more. Battery life will vary depending on the weather, the quality of the batteries used, as well as how often the unit is being activated.

    If you need to use batteries, rechargeables are a great option to save money. We also offer a new Solar Panel add-on!

    Note: Please do not use aftermarket AC adapters ( those not purchased from Good Life® ) as this will void your product warranty.

  • Will it hurt or harm the dog in any way?

    No it will not. All Good Life products are designed to be safe and humane, and they are only designed to stop excess or nuisance barking. The high-pitched training sounds are not painful or harmful, and if a dog really needs to bark, he can. They will not stop a dog from barking out of instinct (at an intruder for example).

    Although not harmful, the sounds emitted by our products may be too intense for puppies under one year of age as they are still developing their hearing. Please consult your veterinarian before using this product with puppies.

  • How long before I should expect results?

    While many customers see the effects within a few days, this unit is a training device and will depend on how quickly the dog associates the sound with his barking. Some customers also report the dog barking at the unit, or barking more than usual in the first few days.

    This is a normal part of the learning process. We strongly recommend you give the device two to three weeks to see full results.

  • Does it have to be on all the time?

    For best results, the unit needs to be on and in use near the dog at all times (it will go into standby mode when the dog is not barking). For best results, the unit needs to be left on so that it can activate consistently each time the dog barks.

  • What is the range/angle/coverage area?

    The ultrasonic sounds will emit in a cone shape of about 130°, or about 65° on each side. The sound is directional, and will have the best training results if the device is pointed directly at the dog(s) you wish to train.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Peace and Quiet

I have three of the Dog Silencers now. I have two German Shepherds and neither of them bark. They are trained to growl if there is a need to alert me. And, they will quiet when commanded. So, when a new neighbor moved in next door with two untrained rude dogs that bark every time a breeze blows a blade of grass something had to be done. These two dogs would bark absolutely non-stop; all day and all night. We couldn’t even sleep peacefully. I purchased one Dog Silencer Max first and both dogs immediately took notice! I purchased two more because the dogs moved to a different area of the yard. So now I can reach the dogs wherever they go when they are beside my property and stop them from their incessant barking. It’s peaceful again! Thank you.

Lonnie H.
Received two for them for each

Received two for them for each side of the yard. It only took roughly a day and a half for both my dogs to stop their nuisance barking. It is a miracle product and it has been such a great purchase. We wish we had known about this many years ago. Follow the instructions and you should have no problems. You do have to place them where the dog focuses it's attention of barking. We leave them on during the day but cut them off at night because our dogs sleep in the garage. This is so worth the money. You can set the volume where only the dogs can hear the sound or where both you and the dog can here the sound, which is not a bad sound to the human ear. I'm amazed how well and quickly theae devices work. Our neighbors have noticed a difference already. We live in a rural area and works great in a large back yard, although we bought two to cover more area. We can't be more happier and I can't say enough good compliments about the product. I am amazed how the dogs have responded so well and it is so peaceful.

This was the single best inves

This was the single best investment in my happiness in several years. After reaching an unacceptable level of hatred for my neighbor and her barking dog, I decided to do something about it.

After researching and reading reviews for various brands of ultrasonic devices, I settled on this one. It has worked beyond my expectations. My environment has gone from being unbearable to 100% peaceful and quiet in a matter of hours as the dog repeatedly made attempts to keep being at intervals, each time doing it for a shorter and shorter duration until finally nothing. Silence.

My set-up:
- I bought two, though one would probably suffice. To figured I'd go all in and give myself the best chance of success.
- I share a fence with my neighbor, I'm fortunate enough to be able to mount them in very close proximity to the dog. It's fenced in yard does not allow it to retreat more that 20-25 feet away from the devices, so it can't just bark outside of their effective range.
- I purchased the mounts and the extension cords. The former I mounted on the walls of my house; the former I tacked up along the side of the house to the nearest outside outlet with cord staples purchased at the hardware store. To put it up took some time, but it was easy work and the final result looks nice.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a non-confrontational solution to their neighbor's dog.

Ken T.
Two small dogs that barked

Two small dogs that barked constantly. Slowed immediately once in place and now only occurs when there is actually a person next to their fence. Very effective.

Virginia M.
Immediate reduction and I

Immediate reduction and I think my neighbor spotted it because they keep their dogs in the back more. Win Win!