The Shocking Truth About Shock Collars

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You Don't Have to Hurt Your Dog to Stop Them From Barking

Dog barking can be really annoying however, if you find yourself thinking about getting a shock collar for your dog to make them stop, for your dogs sake, think again. Shock collars can be painful and harmful to your dog and there are other more humane options available to train your best friend to not bark so much. This article will show you just how much shock collars can hurt and why the BarkWise™, no-shock collar is a more humane choice for your dog.

Did you know there are countless videos on YouTube of people “testing” shock collars on themselves because they think it will be funny? Every one of those videos ends up with the person screaming and writhing in pain. Most of them test the first few levels and refuse to go any further.

Do Shock Collars Really Hurt?

A woman tests a shock collar on herself, and finds out just how painful it can be.

Imagine If This Were Your Dog

A man tries out a shock collar – and shows us what your dog feels when you use this on her.

See the BarkWise™ No-Shock Collar in Action

Meet Sadie, she loves going for rides in the car but she would constantly bark at other cars and people passing by. As you can see in the video, her loud, high-pitched bark could be very distracting! With the help of BarkWise, Sadie can still enjoy her travels while her owners enjoy more peace and quiet.

The BarkWise No-Shock collar with advanced bark recognition can help you train your dog to stop barking. You don't have to shock your do to train them not bark. 90-day money-back guarantee included. Get the BarkWise and enjoy some peace and quiet without hurting your dog.

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