“Vanity: Definitely My Favorite Sin”

You might think that upon hearing for the first time “that dog has braces?  ” you would immediately go to a place in your mind thinking “why on earth would anyone do that to their pet, are they that vain?” At first, when I came across this story I was equally as guilty in my thoughts, however, what I came to find out was that snap judgments are not always best.

It is certainly a bit extraordinary to look at a dog who has braces on. But in this case there was a very good reason for it. Wesley is a 6-month old Golden Retriever who has a problem with his teeth. They are not coming in very well so when he bites down his jaw does not close completely. This has made it quite difficult for him to eat. Enter Dr. James Moore, a dog dentist. He felt that best way to address this health concern was to place braces on Wesley's teeth. Turns out this was the ticket along with the fact that Wesley only had to wear the braces for just a couple of weeks.

Just goes to show, “never judge a book by its cover.”

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