Why You Should Watch Your Local News

Do you watch your local news? I can tell you that it is good to do so. If you live in Fresno, CA, you would have learned a very important piece of information. There is an outbreak of Leptospirosis   at the local dog park.

What is this thing that we’ve never heard of before? Leptospirosis   is a bacteria that can cause some serious damage, but its symptoms can vary so much that you may not even realize your dog has it. It could be vomiting, it could be diarrhea, it could be not wanting to eat, lethargy, fever, which unless you're taking their temperature, you wouldn't know, said Dr. Chris Dobbins of Fresno Pet ER.

Cases can be mild as well, so while you should be concerned, it’s not a death warrant. Once effected, antibiotics can help with those milder cases. Prevention will help as well. There is a vaccine available, but it is not in the regular set, so you will have to ask for it.

This bacteria can spread to humans as well, causing flu-like symptoms.

For more information about whether your dog needs the vaccine, call your vet.

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