Why Your Dog Should Wear Shoes

Summer days can quickly turn from “Fun in the Sun” to painful burns when the sun is blazing on the asphalt and concrete for hours. Dogs need extra care during these times since their paws will touch hot ground directly. But you can help them!

  • Change your walking schedule to cooler times. Hot pavement can burn your furry child's paws, so steer clear by taking out in the early morning or late evening when temperatures have decreased and the asphalt has cooled.
  • Take your dog to grassy areas only. It's not always easy to change up your schedule, so find places you can take your dog like a local park that only have grass. As an added bonus, your dog will have plenty to sniff, can enjoy nature and take a rest where it's cool.
  • Get your dog some socks or shoes. While not all dogs like to wear something on their feet, it's a sure way to protect their paws. You can choose from socks, boots or disposable booties. Try different types to see what your dog enjoys.
  • Wax your dog's paws. Paw wax can be easily smeared on their feet to protect from the heat and chemicals like road salts (so it's great for winter time, too!) Make sure that the wax is safe for your pet – not any wax will do.

In general, you should take heed of your dog's paws. Check them frequently for any signs of damage – and wash them if needed. Most dogs will care for their own paws, but excessive licking is a clue that something is wrong.

Minor cuts, cracking or peeling may be small problems that turn big as they make your dog’s paws more susceptible to issues. Talk to your vet if you notice your dog acting strangely on his feet – or excessively licking as mentioned earlier.

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