BarkWise Training Pack for severe separation anxiety

I recently adopted a dog with very severe abandonment issues. I tried everything I could, except expensive behavioral therapy, and nothing seemed to help him. He would try to bite his way out of his metal crate — the frame is warped. He would have accidents in his crate and my neighbors filed noise complaints against me. I was on the verge of being evicted.

I invested in the bundle of this collar and the training wand. Man. It's working. The training wand is incredible! It distracts him from his bad behavior and I'm able to give him a command to behave better. The collar has taken some getting used to and I was a little disappointed that the noise wasn't the same as the silent high-pitched one that is in the wand.

However, I ran a 30 minute errand today and for the first time since I've had him, I came home to silence. We're going to continue to work on his abandonment issues to lower his anxiety. This is in NO WAY a permanent solution, but it's buying us the time to work on his abandonment issues without being evicted.

Georgia United States