Dog Silencer MAX for 3 Beagles

Our neighbor has 3 beagles that used to bark/bay almost continuously at all hours of night or day. One habit: She would routinely let the dogs out at 1:30 a.m. and the barking would not stop for at least two hours. We could not have overnight guests in our home because the dogs would keep them awake all night. The noise resonated through our entire house making it difficult to enjoy television, have a family meal conversation, or think. We tried two lesser products without long-lasting results. We even set up an array of three units and the dogs would sometimes bark at the deterrent!

Then I bought the Dog Silencer Max. The first time the dogs came out, they barked one time each, then stopped. Success! The next time, they barked one bark each, then stopped. For a week! The next time they barked, it was because another dog came near their yard. They stopped soon, though. The bottom line is that a horrible problem of incessant barking, barking at night, etc. is gone! My wife and I haven't heard a single bark in a couple weeks now.

Great product! You gave us back our home! Expensive? Yes. But worth every penny!

Bill M.
McMinnville, Tennessee United States