Dog Silencer MAX for neighbor's small dogs

I purchased several other anti bark devices and this one seems to be the best in my opinion. I have really inconsiderate neighbors who love to let their dogs out to do their business in the yard at 6am and midnight. Small breed dogs and when they are let out they bark up a storm. One dogs bark sounds like sneakers hitting or dragging on a tile floor or tires screeching! Really annoying to say the least. Since I installed the barking has been reduced but not eliminated. I feel if the device wasn't there they would bark incessantly all day.

The remote is good feature as well. Use it on another nitwit neighbors dog who is out of range of the sensor. Liked it sooo much I actually purchased another one for double the fire power! Devices aren't cheap but can't put a price on peace and quiet which these devices do deliver on.

K. Brown
San Antonio, Texas United States