Dog Silencer MAX is worth the price for peace of mind

Don't let the price stop you! I was a little [pessimistic] at first when I saw the price. My neighbor has a huge dog that barked non-stop all day and night long for no reason at all. Within a second this dog barked over 25+ times. I was never able to sleep, watch TV etc, my peace of mind was completely gone. I searched high and low for ways to try to get a piece of mind back nothing ever worked. So I stumbled across this website and said to myself hey why not give it try. This item arrived in the mail on 6/21/18 I ordered 2 days before the arrival.

When I tell you device was Heaven sent to me, it was. I'm so happy I didn't let the price of this device stop me it's worth the entire $200.00 that I paid for it. The same day I activated this device I heard nothing but birds chirping. When the dog is outside now it's like it's not outside, the silence is remarkable. If your peace of mind is shattered by barking dogs the Silencer Max will give you back your peace of mind. Don't hesitate to place your order and the customer service is excellent also.

Denise D.
Chicago, Illinois United States