Dog Silencer MAX for neighbor's “Horse-Dog”

How time flies! I bought my Good Life, Dog Silencer Max, 13 Jan 18, and now it’s the middle of March, two months later. I admit, I wasn’t too optimistic about the Dog Silencer Max, because of the size of the unit (the fact that it can function on 6-AA batteries), and the fact that I had already tried an anti-bark bird house unit that did absolutely nothing.

When I received my unit the ‘Horse-dog’ from the house behind me was out in rare form, doing his 7pm to 10pm machine gun barking. Five of us neighbors were fed up with the constant barking. We all filed multiple complaints with the city and the police department, to no avail.

I got my Dog Silencer [MAX], put batteries in it and placed it in my bathroom window against the outside screen, facing my dog-neighbor’s house, and closed the window. The barking culprit lives about 40-yards behind my house. I kept the shipping box, receipt, and warranty paper all together, because I was sure I’d be sending this device back to Good Life very shortly.

The first evening in operation, the idiot dog started his usual barking, but instead of a 3-hour medley, the dog stopped barking after about five and a half minutes. Whoa, this can’t be right. Through the night I monitored the dog making other attempts to resume barking, but the length of each trial got shorter and shorter.

Now, two months later, I can sit outside and enjoy the quiet evening air. Day or night, I no longer hear any annoying barking. My grand kids can come over and play in the back yard without this dog going nuts. I sleep better through the night, and I’m not dozing off at work anymore. I’m totally elated that this dog no longer wakes me up, several times in the middle of the night. My neighbors are just as amazed about your product as I am. Now, all the barking we hear is in the distance, and far away from us.

If I could, I’d catch a jar full of this quiet to send it to you. Thanks for truly an amazing product.
P.S., I’m also glad I purchased the three year warranty (just in case).

You have my permission to use my comments,

Von B.
San Antonio, Texas United States