I should have purchased this 2 years ago.

I recently purchased a Dog Silencer Max, I was a little doubtful if it would really work. My neighbor has 2 small dogs, who barked incisively and non stop for no reason when they were let out. I installed the Dog Silencer Max pointing it directly onto the neighbors back porch and back yard ( we have 1/3 acre lots) Much to my amazement and satisfaction, the dogs barked twice, and stopped, they have decrease their barking by 99%. I have used the remote twice to activate the controller, and they stopped immediately. I couldn't be more happy, and pleased with my purchase. If your are reluctant or wondering if they really work, try one. I should of had purchased this 2 years ago. It would have saved me from many hours of aggravation, and being woke up continuously. Customer service was great, Came quickly after ordering. I would highly recommend this product.

Jon L.
West Jordan, Utah United States