My only regret is not hearing about this earlier!

My only regret is not hearing about this earlier! We received IMMEDIATE results. My neighbor's dog, a young Bull Mastiff rescue, was brought into my family's eardrums about 5 months ago. We have 2 young children who basically couldn't sleep as a result. As a last resort I researched options and came across this product. When I was finally able to install it the product, my neighbors had left the (insert expletive of your choice) dog in the backyard going nuts as usual.When I finished installing the Dog Silencer Max I watched the dog to see its reaction when I first turned it on. The dog stopped its barking tirade dead in its tracks, stood straight up, looked at the product and took three steps directly backwards. After a few minutes it retreated to its porch and stood there silently. I was in disbelief. The dog was out on and off for the rest of the evening and attempted three different half barks then we haven't heard a peep since. Usually the beast from Hades would start off again first thing in the morning at 6:00am when my neighbor would go to work. Pure silence. I cannot thank Good Life enough for this product. You have saved headaches, fights, and very unpleasant afternoons on the grill. If you have any question about the effectiveness of this product as I did, they offer a full money back guarantee within 90 days and really stand behind their product. I will be purchasing a warranty soon and will probably upgrade the unit to include the seemingly very helpful solar panel eventually. I cannot stress how pleased I am. Easily the best investment we've made in years.

Texas United States