It paid for itself on the first day!

Put an offer in on a new home in Texas. A beautiful place with lots of land. We had to make a second visit a week after we negotiated a contract to get some measurements done. My realtor, wife and I walked out to the pool and low and behold two dogs from the neighbors home run up and machine gun blast us with barking the entire time. My wife actually asked if I wanted to pull out of the sale. I told her that we would figure this out. So while at my old home I bought one of these bad boys and had it shipped to me. The ultimate Bark Control.

First full day after we closed, 9:00am, neighbor heads to work and the battle began. Dogs immediately at our fence line with Bark Grenades laying waste to our peace and quiet. So I threw some batteries in to the bark control unit, mounted it on one of my trees close to the property line, put the camouflage facing on it, and fired it up! The entire time I'm mounting it the dogs are 4 feet away spraying me with machine gun barley taking time to take a breath. Once this came on line the dogs barking machine guns jammed up I guess. The barking went from non-stop to bark, puzzled look, bark, puzzled, bark, back away from the fence and puzzled and so on. Pretty soon the doges were all the way in the middle of their own yard. That's about 150 feet away. Then they would bark from there. That's when the remote came in to play. Every time they barked, I hit the remote and they backed up even further.

Now, I only see them on the far side of the fence and can't hear them barking. They don't even come to my side of the fence. I have the remote handy but haven't had to use it in two days now! All I can say is that this is GOLD! Best item EVER! It paid for itself on the first day! Thanks so much to this company. My mother is buying one for her home now. I don't anticipate any more problems!

United States

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