Ruby the Dachshund and her BarkWise Collar

Ruby the Dachshund

Just wanted to leave a quick review. This is Ruby. Like all dachshunds, she runs the house and wants to tell everyone what she thinks. It was getting out of control. I tried 3 different collars and a free standing ultrasonic bark device. She didn't care about vibration, the tone of her her bark didn't trigger the collar enough to get to shock her into stopping, and she'd just go around the corner from the ultrasonic bark device and bark from there.

I was sick of her sharp, startling, out of nowhere barks. I started researching and found the Barkwise collar. An ultrasonic device she can't run away from! I got it YESTERDAY, charged it two hours, set the sensitivity to the recommend R on the instructions. It hasn't been 24 hours and the difference is incredible. Usually when someone comes through the front door, she'll bark 20 times or more in succession. I went to get the mail, no bark. My son came through the front door, 3 barks and a frustrated whine.

I bought your product thinking it wouldn't work, but with a 60 day return policy, I have nothing to lose. But if this continues, it'll be a keeper. So, THANK YOU. We've just ordered the Dog Silencer Max to deal with the neighbor's dog's 24/7 barking and are very excited to enjoy a nice outdoor summer without obnoxious, nuisance barking.

Christy V.
Missouri United States