Sanity saved with 8 pugs

I have 8 pugs. As you can imagine, mornings and when we get home, sound like we are at the dog pound! It's beyond hideous, and our poor neighbors have to put up with yapping any time they are outside at the same time as my dogs. Enough was enough. I purchased an ultrasonic dog antibarking machine (no brand name) for $35 and it did absolutely NOTHING. I was discouraged, but determined!! I researched, then researched again and then researched some more before coming across the Dog Silencer. I read the reviews, I looked everywhere I could find to check up on the company, I read the small print in the return policy... I was very nervous about spending $100 on something I was HOPING would work. We used it one night and I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing!!! We have one very very VERY stubborn dog who did bark a couple times, but they were few and far between AND it was a single bark then nothing. The rest of the dogs didn't make a peep. I could not be more pleased with this purchase! Also, we took the remote into every room of our house, AND closed the doors, and it still worked to set off the device clear out in the laundry room (where the dogs sleep). I have every intention of buying 2 more for our backyard (we have acreage, rather than a typical yard) so that hopefully my neighbors will get to enjoy their time outside again as well. Thank you, Dog Silencer, for saving our sanity!!!

Washington United States