The silence is wonderful to say the least.

We now have pretty well total silence since I hung the Max on a tree close to the neighbors fence on August 13th. The silence is wonderful to say the least. Took a week to train them. Have those two tiny yappy things near us and hardly ever hear them after a week. They used to start yapping the minute I went out the door with my keys to start my car. The jingling keys would set them off. Yapping would last at least a half hour right near my front yard. Last night, the yappers ran toward the fence yapping and immediately went silent. The Max was doing its job. So cool. Sometimes when they yap and the Max can’t hear them, I go out and trigger the Max with the remote to shut them up. Silence every time. They are getting the idea. Works great.

I am very happy with your product. Saves my sanity. I am retired and don’t need this unnecessary noise all the time. No police calls or neighbor confrontations. It is great. Yappy dogs owners must be wondering what is going on since there is no more incessant barking anymore. Think they are very confused. I will not tell them. The yappers probably want in the house. Thank you for building a wonderful, effective easy to set up and use much needed product. Our neighbors on the other side of us have a baby and 3 dogs who seem to bark when mom puts the baby to sleep. I may get another Max and aim it toward their backyard too. I will probably tell them that I have a dog silencer. Their dogs bark once once in awhile so not a big deal. Will enjoy having the Max keeping things very quiet now. Don’t think I will have to change batteries too often. Dogs seem to be trained quick. If green light fails to go on when I trigger with remote, I will change batteries. Excellent!!!!!!!

Edward J.
Washington United States