Worthy of serious consideration

Instructor teaching a dog shelter training class.

I have 3 Terrier mixes in my own home, well trained and basically polite until it was time for barking, so did my own research and decided to try the Dog Silencer on my dogs.

Four weeks into the plugging in of this compact unit, in a window sill that faces the squirrel laden trees in my backyard, there is quiet, not only with my 3 dogs but also adjacent properties: the house on each side of me and the one behind.

It became so quiet after the initial 3 days of using the unit, that I thought I'd unplug it but I did not. My 3 dogs still ‘alert bark’ when there's someone right at my door so I feel safe and this is a good ‘distraction based’ solution.

I am very pleased to recommend the unit to all my clients in my very busy dog training, walking, boarding and services business. The Dog Silencer is worthy of serious consideration.

Valli Aman Oh My Dog – Dog & Puppy Training
North Hollywood, California United States