You saved my sanity!

Thank you Aussie Bark you saved my sanity! Unfortunately as all Australians understand, when it comes to dogs that have behavioural issues through miss treatment and inadequate laws, our councils do nothing for the inflicted. The unfortunate trend these days is that people want the security of a dog or dogs on most cases but do not have the time to address their needs (e.g. time and training) and this is not the dogs' fault but the owners.

…Laws need to change and the government agencies should be holding the dog owners totally liable with the ability to lawfully and forcefully educated owners to maintain compliance if they want the ‘PRIVILEGE’ of being a dog owner. I believe your product could be the first step in the plight…

Thankfully we have The [Bark Control Pro] it has now done the job in a matter of days what my neighbor or council failed to achieve in years. Thanks

Cameron D.
Perth, Western Australia