Getting a dog to stop barking can seem impossible, but doesn't have to be!

Whether your need to train your own dog to be quiet, or you're dealing with the neighbor's noisy dogs – we have the solution for you. Check out our most popular products below, or give us a call at 1-800-657-8214 for a free consultation with our friendly specialists.

If you need to stop your neighbor's dog from barking so much, we highly recommend the Dog Silencer MAX. With an effective range up to 300 feet, it's by far the strongest device on the market. Need to be extra stealthy? Check out our Discreet Neighbor Pack with your choice of custom faceplate to hide your Dog Silencer just about anywhere.

When you need to get your own dog to stop barking, we love the BarkWise No-Shock Collar. It trains your dog using a unique combination of high-pitched sounds and vibrations to deter your dog every time he barks. BarkWise works automatically (great for when your dog is home alone), or you can also use the included remote control to discourage other bad behaviors like jumping, digging, getting on the furniture, and anything else you can think of.

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