Bark Control Pro™

Bark Control Pro™

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The Bark Control Pro detects and stops your dog or the neighbor's dog's barking with ultrasonic sound up to 150 feet. For extra stubborn barkers, check out the Dog Silencer® MAX!

The Trusted

The Original Anti-Barking Device

The Bark Control Pro you see here has been the most popular bark deterrent on the market for the last decade. Good Life revolutionized the ultrasonic bark control industry with this humane, yet powerful device and its remote control feature.



Great Sound Distance

The Bark Control Pro's ultrasonic sound waves can reach dogs up to 150′ away.

Automatic Bark Detection

Bark Control Pro can detect dog barking up to 50′ away.

Additional Features

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Need to target a dog in a different setting? There's no need to buy a different device!

Remote Control Option

If a dog is barking outside of the device's 50-foot detection range, you can activate it manually with the press of a button. The remote control can be used from inside your home, car, or even in your pocket.

How It Works

When placed near the neighbor's dog or your own, the Bark Control Pro is designed to trigger automatically each time the dog barks, and stop as soon as he stops barking. An adjustable bark sensor allows you to raise or lower the sensitivity as needed. This is helpful if your neighbor's dog is farther away, or if you only need to silence your own dog in a small area like the front gate.

For best results, the training device needs to have a clear line of sight with the dog(s) you wish to train.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Details and Specs

Bark DetectionUp to 50′
Stops BarkingUp to 150′
Remote ControlUp to 50′
Dimensions6.5″ H × 5″ W × 1.5″ D
Weight1 lb
OptionsAC Adapter
9 v battery
Solar Panel (optional accessory)
Consumption1.6 W (ultrasonic)
1.8 W (audible)
After Purchase
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
InstallationMounting Holes
Mounting Feet
Light colorsGreen: Ultrasonic Mode
Red: Audible Mode

What's Included

  • Bark Control Pro™
  • Remote Control
  • Rain Jacket
  • 5-Foot AC Adapter


  • What is ultrasonic sound?

    Ultrasonic sound is above the hearing range of humans, but is attention grabbing and irritating to dogs. This makes a safe and effective tool for dog training. It takes your dog's focus off of barking and towards the high-pitched sound.

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  • How long before I should expect results?

    While many customers see the effects within a few days, this unit is a training device and will depend on how quickly the dog associates the sound with his barking. Some customers also report the dog barking at the unit, or barking more than usual in the first few days.

    This is a normal part of the learning process. We strongly recommend you give the device two to three weeks to see full results.

  • What is the Audio mode?

    When using “Audio” mode, you will hear the device activate. It's recommended you use this mode when adjusting the bark sensitivity when first setting up the unit. In addition, you can use the audio mode for older dogs or dogs with poor hearing as an alternative to the ultrasonic sound training.

    Using the Audio mode when setting up the device will be key into accurately gauging the sensitivity of the microphone. You will be able to hear if the device is activating too often or not often enough. Adjust the dial up or down as needed and once you hear the unit ONLY activating when the dog is barking then you can flip the switch to the Ultrasonic mode.

  • How does the remote control work

    Your purchase includes a keychain-size remote control which can be used to activate the device manually. The remote can be used up to 75 feet (23m) away from the main unit, and is convenient for on-demand training.

  • Can the Bark Control Pro be used with an invisible fence?

    We recommend you do not use any ultrasonic bark control devices in combination with invisible fence systems. This is because the sound frequencies emitted by our bark control devices are very similar to those emitted by the invisible fence collar. This may cause confusion and interfere with the dog's training.

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  • Will it hurt or harm the dog in any way?

    No it will not. All Good Life products are designed to be safe and humane, and they are only designed to stop excess or nuisance barking. The high-pitched training sounds are not painful or harmful, and if a dog really needs to bark, he can. They will not stop a dog from barking out of instinct (at an intruder for example).

    Although not harmful, the sounds emitted by our products may be too intense for puppies under one year of age as they are still developing their hearing. Please consult your veterinarian before using this product with puppies.

  • Will this work through fences, walls, windows, or bushes?

    No. The high-pitched sounds emitted by our training devices cannot penetrate any solid objects such as wood fences, windows, walls or thick shrubbery.

    However — sparse trees, window screens, chain link and wrought-iron fences should be okay.

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  • Can I use the Bark Control Pro with a puppy?

    We do not recommend using the Bark Control Pro on puppies under 1-year of age. Please consult your veterinarian.

  • Can I use any AC Adapter?

    Do not use any other AC adapter with Bark Control Pro other than the official Bark Control Pro AC adapter. Use of any other AC adapter will void your warranty.

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