UltraSweep™ Traveler

UltraSweep™ Traveler

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Ultrasonic sound waves combined with bright flashing LED lights will keep pests from making your vehicle their home. Avoid chewed wires and messes caused by rodents in your car, truck, boat, and RV year round — all while being completely safe and cost effective.

"We install these at both of our shops in So. Oregon. We have customers bring or tow their cars in with rat-chewed wires and hoses, sometimes costing over $1000-$2,000 to repair the damage. After the repair we always recommend the simple installation of Traveler Pest repellers. So far we have never had a repeated issue after installation. I have one on each of my cars too."

– Dave Kelly, Owner Kelly's Automotive Service



Fluctuating Ultrasonic Sound

Emits disorientating ultrasonic sound waves that make engine bays, storage compartments, and other small spaces completely uninhabitable for pests.

Flashing LED Strands

Mimics the glowing eyes of predators, scaring away invading pests from your vehicle.

Additional Features

Auto On & Off

Conveniently turns on only while your car is stationary. Never worry about switching it on or off.

Safe & Humane

Repels pests without the use of costly and dangerous poisons, sprays, and traps.

Where to Use It

Use it
RVs parked in storage
Use it
Boats trailered for the winter
Use it
Project cars sitting in the garage

How It Works

The UltraSweep Traveler repels pests from your engine bay using a 3-mode range of ultrasonic sound along with bright LED strobe lights. Safely repel mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small animals such as cats.

If your engine is off, the Traveler will start and run automatically. If the engine is turned on, the repeller will sense the vibrations and go into standby mode.

Installation is simple, and takes just a few minutes:

1. Mount the device in an open area near the top of your engine bay.

2. Spread out the LED lights and secure them around the engine with cable zip ties.

3. Connect the repeller to your battery — black wire (negative) first, then red wire (positive).

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Details and Specs

Device 3.25” L, 3.25” W, 1.0” H
Weight 4.1 oz (device only) 5.7 oz with cables
Power Supply 12 volt automotive battery, hardwired
Power Indicator Green LED - working mode Red LED - standby mode
Working Current Quiet mode 12-35ma Super mode 50-100ma
Voltage 8-12 volts
After Purchase
Manual PDF  
Warranty 1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Sound Frequencies 11—18 kHz 20—70 kHz


  • Is the unit waterproof?

    The unit itself is not waterproof, but the hood and body of your vehicle should provide sufficient protection from the elements.

  • What will it repel?

    Safely repel mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small animals such as cats.

  • Can people hear the sounds?

    Some people may hear the unit in its lowest range if they are close to the unit. But most people will not.

  • Will it bother my pets or livestock?

    Since ultrasonic sound will not pass through the solid barriers of your vehicle’s body, it should not bother other animals nearby (only if they climb up into the engine area).

  • Will it drain my car battery?

    For best results we recommend starting your vehicle to charge the battery every 1-3 weeks. Battery life will vary depending on several factors such as weather, battery quality, and battery age.