Dog Silencer: It's Not Activating Anymore!

The Dog Silencer is dead and that dog is barking up a storm! It doesn't activate; it's just plain not working.

Before holding a funeral, let's do a bit of testing. It's quick and easy. First, grab the Dog Silencer, batteries, and the AC adapter.

  1. Using the AC adapter, power the Dog Silencer. (Remove all batteries.)
  2. Turn the switch to the “Ultra” sound setting.
  3. Raise the sensitivity dial for bark detection up high towards the + sign.
  4. Place the Dog Silencer down, so you are not touching it. If the green light flashes, great! It's getting power. Wait for approximately 5 seconds until the green light stops flashing. Move on to step 5.
  5. Clap at least 4 times loudly in front of the Dog Silencer to simulate barking. Does the green light flash? If so, your device is working.
    Tip: Use clapping to test versus just the remote control.
  6. If the lights do not flash, repeat the steps, but remove the AC adapter and use batteries to power it. (The Dog Silencer/MAX uses six “AA” batteries while the Dog Silencer Pro uses one 9v battery.)

If the Dog Silencer works with batteries, but it doesn't work with AC adapter, then the AC adapter is most likely the culprit. (It may be covered by a Manufacturer's Warranty, so contact us to see.)

If the Dog Silencer isn't working on batteries or the AC adapter, I'm sorry for your loss, but we may be able to fix that. The Dog Silencer (and its older model, the Bark Control Pro™) come with a Manufacturer's Warranty. Give us a call for help with a replacement at 1-800-657-8214!

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